Technology Innovator Awards 2020

the importance of digitalisation in their company. As the firm looks ahead to what the future holds for them, one thing that stands out is how they are constantly expanding. At the end of the year, is thinking of doing a rebrand of the business, which will give them a new and refreshed drive to start a 2.0 version of the company in the new year. Showing no signs of slowing down, despite a global pandemic, the team at are taking every opportunity that comes their way to showcase their extraordinary talents and highlight the power that digitalisation can have on a company. Contact: Laurenz Mets Company: Web Address: May20123 Best Web Design & Mobile App Development Company - Belgium Based in Belgium, assists a vast range of firms, from start-ups through to large businesses, in building a new website. As well as helping them to create a website, the team also develop business application to digitalise and simplify certain tasks, which are time consuming in the business process. We profiled to discover more about the firm and how they built a reputation as being one of the best web design and mobile development companies in Belgium. Since their inception, have taken a person approach to all of their projects they have undertaken throughout the years. Keen to help reinvent the business process, the firm understand that business owners can sometimes fixed to a certain way of working that they don’t see the solutions anymore. This is where comes in to provide a creative input and development, helping to bring their clients’ dreams to life. Delivering a personal touch to each project undertaken, the team at understand that each client and their business is unique. However, when the business begins to expand rapidly, is becomes increasingly difficult to still deliver a personal touch to each project. Being busy with other projects, it is easy to lose contact with existing customers, which unfortunately results in the decline in the customer service level. The loss of delivering a personalised service is something that the team at are trying to avoid. How the team are achieving this is by constantly ensuring that they are always there for their clients, providing them with an excellent customer service. Alongside providing an exceptional service to each client, another factor which allows MWAD. be to stand out amongst competitors is what the firm is able to offer. Many companies that offer web design are primarily pure marketing agencies, which provide digital marketing and branding, and of course a website is a very important part of this. However, marketing agencies tend to lack the development part of the website. This is where ’s expertise differentiates them from other companies. The team are experts in development, and so are also able to offer expertise in other digital related processes such as digitalising business processes using custom build applications. Whilst working within such a fast-paced environment, it is important to stay ahead of the game. At , the team believe, through experience, that it is important to constantly experiment with new technologies. This can sometimes be directly implemented into new projects, but it’s also important to have a proactive approach to new technologies. In this way the team have a Issue 7 2020 39 broader knowledge which they can use when discussing new ideas with clients. During these uncertain times, many industries have had alter the way in which they operate. One thing the team at have noticed is that the pandemic has shown a significant number of businesses the importance of having a strong digital plan. In recent months, the firm has seen an influx of requests from businesses who wanted to digitalise as quickly as possible. Especially industries who previously had no direct need for a digital base. For example the restaurant industry is now expanding, with many using digital take away services due to having to close their restaurants. In addition to this, a number of restaurants are implementing a digital reservation system because they have to keep their number of customers in check. In short, the team believe that this has been a wakeup call for a lot of businesses to show Technology Innovator Awards 20