Private Education & Development Awards 2019

12 Corporate Vision 2019 Private Education & Development Awards , ClaireWyatt Voiceover Claire Wyatt Voiceover: Educational Voiceover Artist of the Year 2019 - UK ClaireWyatt Voiceover offers quality voiceover services by experienced voice artist Claire Wyatt. She talks us through her work and how she has come to achieve the success of winning one of our prestigious Private Education &Development Awards for 2019. Drawing on her vast industry experience, Claire Wyatt is a voiceover artist working from her own broadcast quality studio. She explores her service offering in more detail and highlights how her adaptability is central to her success. “I provide voiceover services for commercials, drama, TV continuity and corporate voiceover, but e-learning is a huge part of my offering. My voice is highly versatile and adaptable, and I am able to change it to meet my clients’ briefs. From empowering and educating staff to providing technical tutorials in the medical and construction sectors or teaching children to read and write through phonics, my broad experience ensures I deliver every time.” Specifically, for the education sector, Claire offers a diverse range of skills, experience in the market and a wealth of corporate knowledge and understanding, which she discusses in more detail. “Having a varied work history has given me a unique set of skills and experiences, which all make me the perfect voiceover for the education sector. I have also worked in the corporate and charity sectors, so I understand how businesses operate. Working in communications I won a Global Green Award for a behaviour change and awareness-raising project, which I designed and ran. I understand what moves and motivates people to learn and to change.“ “As a trained actor my voice is versatile and adaptable, and I am always able to deliver results with authenticity and truth. Some voiceover artists have their ‘education voice’, which always sounds patronising and distancing. Seeking to offer a unique alternative, I like to deliver the client’s work like a real person; after all, we are training real people! Fundamentally, I know that I am more than a voice speaking the words you write; I am a key part of the change and learning process.” Operating within the ever-evolving voiceover market, Claire has to adapt to continue to meet her clients’ needs, something she is deeply passionate about. “Today, the world of voiceover and education is always changing. New trends, new technology, new approaches. I make sure I never rest on my laurels; I attend a lot of industry events and training opportunities to keep abreast of what’s new and make sure I’m prepared and adapting. I want to make sure I’m always able to offer people the best and future-proof my service. Whether that is the technical equipment and sound-engineering skills I use or new vocal styles I need to learn.” As Claire looks towards the future she is optimistic that she will continue to flourish and drive Claire Wyatt Voiceover to become an even more recognised and respected name in the voiceover community. “Ultimately, I am very proud of how diverse my work is and will continue to undertake a wide range of projects moving forward. Currently I am just completing a massive project that will be going into schools to help children learn English. I am also voicing some guided meditation and mindfulness courses for adults. In addition, I have a long-term relationship with a company that focusses on helping the construction sector adapt to and prevent climate change. Every day I learn and have fun. I love my job and I hope this award will help bring me to a wider audience, so I can work with more people on this amazing life- long learning journey.” CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Claire Wyatt Voiceover Name: Claire Wyatt Address: 34 Chapmans Crescent, Chesham, Bucks, HP52QT Telephone Number: 07780660246 Web Address: Apr19065