AI powered E-Commerce Sales Growth


Ezapp Offers AI platform for Customer Analytics and Empowering Ecommece companies to maximize Sales. Ezapp has utilized Machine Learning models like ARIMAX, Neural Network, XGBoost models to provide automated shipments forecasts so Clients can manage the manufacturing Units in advance. Ezapp built Order Predictability and Fulfillment rates for Demand Sensing. Ezapp successfully built a Product Pricing Model for Sales activation on the Product Catalog.

EzappSolution can quickly change your Ecommerce pages to a personalized shopping experience for every customer. Our enhancements include “Hierarchical Recommendations,” “2 X cart checkouts ”

  • Product Recommendations for Digital Channels
  • Maximize Order Value and minimize Customer Conversion cost

EzappSolution is a champion in providing Trade Promotions and Optimizations for the Clients which required building Market Mix Models using Hierarchical Clustering, Bayesian Network Model. In order to improve the ROI, Ezapp has experience in Maximizing ROI successfully, leveraging Reinforcement Learning & Markov Chaining to evaluate return on Investment across Shopper, Trade and Media Spend.

EzappSolution tools provide Simulator for allocation of investment across Sales channels, accounts, maximize ROI and Sales attribution.


Customer Service

Your Ecommerce company can identify most Valuable Customers and turn contact with customers into incremental revenue. As customers call inquire, our AI predicts which Sales Strategy will yield Sales Channel conversion.


AI Campaigns

EzappSolution can Increase your Sales 50%-300% within a Year. You can tap our service on Free  trial basis and you have nothing to lose to validate the Increase of Sales. EzappSolution will deliver AI models which work on Cross Sales Channels: Youtube, Google PPC, Facebook Ads etc and allow your company to allocate the right budget to Maximize ROI.


● Tell us about some of the key features of your organization that you would like to highlight in the profile. How is Ezappsolution positioned in the Enterprise software development domain?


Ezapp is an ISO 9001/ ISO 27001, CMMI certified digital solutions company with 500+ experts working full time across multiple Delivery Centres. Established in 2008, Ezapp is headquartered in New York, NYC, with offices in the USA,  Japan, India and Australia. We are winners of multiple awards and accolades from organizations like GoodFirms, AppFutura, TopDevelopers, TechReviewer, CrozDesk, Top App Creators, CIO Top Enterprise Company.


● Highlight some of the unique products/ apps and software solutions developed by the team at EzappSolution that separates the company from the rest of the competitors.


Ezapp Solution has built several products that are unique and hold a high value chain for its customers. Ezapp Solution has built

●  Automated Website development tool

●  Automated Email Marketing tool

●  Automated Machine Learning Model development tool

● Automated Forecasting on Time Series Features.

Experts in Regenerative Medicine

Stem cells medicine

R3 Stem Cell is a global provider of regenerative medicine services designed to harness the human body’s repair mechanisms to restore damaged tissues and alleviate pain without surgery. In over ten years, R3 has delivered more than 16,000 stem cell procedures across forty-five centers worldwide, giving patients back the freedom of painless and unimpeded movement. As a B2B and B2C firm, R3 supplies practices and patients alike with education on regenerative therapy, sharing the results of decades of research to revolutionize pain relief treatments. Founder David Greene MD, MBA, tells us more.

Specialists in regenerative therapies, R3 Stem Cell has grown in little over a decade to become a global network of centers that provides stem cell procedures and therapies designed to assist the body in healing itself from musculoskeletal, neurological, autoimmune conditions and more. Whilst most existing pain management procedures are effective in suppressing the pain by removing the sense of discomfort, regenerative therapy is unique in its ability to provide relief by dealing directly with the cause of pain.

Founded over ten years ago by David Greene, MD MBA, R3 was created with the aim of allowing patients to decrease pain and improve functional ability with affordable, non-intrusive procedures. This mission has been the driving force in R3’s leading scientific body of IRB approved research into regenerative medicine and the firm’s international expansion to almost fifty centers across the globe. All R3 centers strictly adhere to the same uncompromising principles upon which David built his firm: patient safety is paramount; stem cell biologic quality is uncompromising; aim to be the market leader in provider and patient education with accurate information; patient outcomes continue to guide our Best Practice treatment protocols; and treatments are cost effective using our volume to leverage savings for patients. As R3 grows across the US and internationally, its commitment to these values is unwavering.

“Our client base is actually on two levels,” David tells us, “B2B and B2C. So, we have to approach them differently. For the B2C aspect, it’s important to provide significant education in language that patients can understand and is also relevant to helping in the decision-making process. Patients come into regenerative medicine at all different knowledge levels, so we try to meet everyone’s needs. This has been achieved by such assets as our Stem Cell Master Class, which is free and teaches patients all about regenerative therapies.

“From a B2B perspective, our goal is to assist practices with whatever tools they need for success. This may include regenerative patient marketing, provider training and first-rate biologics. Over the years we have added hands on provider training with real patients for MSK, IV and aesthetics. No one else does this.”

R3 is also a leader of clinical research into regenerative medicine and is the only US company to have achieved Institutional Review Board Approval for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue for several condition categories. Using patients’ own tissue elements such as blood, adipose or bone marrow, or amniotic fluid or umbilical cord tissue collected from consenting donors after scheduled C-sections, regenerative therapies have eliminated ethical concerns surrounding fetal involvement, thus propelling the alternative pain relief treatment closer to the mainstream.

Patients of R3 Centers are therefore able to choose from a selection of procedure options to help in the regenerative processes for tendonitis, tendinosis, ligament injury, and extremity and spinal arthritis treatment. Stem cell injections derived from bone marrow or fat, amniotic-derived injections processed at an FDA regulated laboratory, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, and Umbilical Cord Tissue with growth factors, exosomes, cytokines and stem cells are all available as same-day outpatient therapies. All of the injections are carried out by highly skilled and caring providers and injected either into joints or soft tissues.

Whilst many clinics have also begun to branch into regenerative procedures, few have the same knowledge of best treatment protocols that R3 has developed over the past decade. Its unparalleled expertise and hassle-free treatments coupled with its lowered consumer costs has further established R3 as a premier choice for their patients and affiliated clinics. Moreover, across R3’s worldwide clinics, the team is united in its belief in the life-changing power of regenerative therapies, which translates into inimitable patient care and first-rate customer service.

As such, the recruitment process for R3 is meticulous in ensuring that candidates have the same passion for working alongside likeminded individuals to improve and save lives. “If I have an individual who isn’t willing to reach out for help in times of need or to offer help when others need it, then it’s not a good fit,” says David. “Our team truly likes and respects each other and believes in regenerative therapies!” Close collaboration, mutual respect, and a commitment to regenerative medicines has been instrumental in the successful international growth of R3 over the years.

A great deal of this growth has been seen outside of the US, with the benefits of regenerative therapies rooted in stem cells and exosomes being recognized around the world. “As the market leader, I feel like it is our responsibility to bring these therapies to those who need it, in a way that is safe and effective,” says David. Whilst clinical effectivity remains the priority, David and his team are also able to leverage the volume of procedures carried out to make their treatments cost-effective too.

Thus, as R3 heads into 2021, it is with great excitement about a future of promising yet judicious growth. As such, the firm will maintain its quality assurance standards so that patient safety remains paramount, whilst at the same time expanding its international footprint to provide its therapies to even more patients. In addition, as research continues to bring to light the capabilities of stem cell regeneration, R3 is hoping to use its therapies to treat an even greater selection of conditions aside from musculoskeletal, anti-aging, neurologic, autoimmune, cosmetic, organ failure and the many others that are so far treatable through regenerative therapy. Thus, it is an exciting time for R3 as it shapes a promising new future in treatments for pain relief, giving patients across the world ability to take back their freedom of painless movement.

For more information, please contact David Greene at

Are PDF Files As Safe As They Say?

PDF Safety

With the digitization of businesses, companies are looking for the most secure way to share and received files. In the past, PDFs have been the go-to file format when it comes to sending and opening document and image files. There’s really no secret why—PDFs are highly secure.

But how far does PDF security go? Does password protection really work? What about encrypting and decryption PDFs? At the end of this guide, you should have a good understanding of whether PDFs are really a safe option for sharing text and image files.


Document Security

First and foremost, we need to familiarize ourselves with document security. There are several ways content creators can protect their PDF documents from falling into the wrong hands or being used for unintended purposes. These measures are:

·         Password protection

·         Document tracking

·         Watermarking

·         Digital rights

·         Document expiry

·         Document encryption


How Safe are Passwords?

Password-protecting a PDF file is a one-step method that stops unauthorized personnel from gaining access to the file. You can use Adobe Acrobat or even an online PDF editor to password-protect your PDF file, after which you need to share the password with an authorized user. Password-protecting PDFs offer Viewing or Editing rights.

Like passwords for emails or social media accounts, there’s no guarantee that a tech-savvy individual won’t break the password with brute force. That said, you can ensure that your password is as close to foolproof as possible by inputting a longer password rather than a shorter password with complex characters.

Estimates show that a 9-character password takes only five days to break, whereas a 12-character password will need over 200 years for code-breaking programs to guess correctly. Also, random characters—i.e., words not found in the dictionary—can further enhance the security of your PDF. Just make sure you have the password stored somewhere safe for easy access.


How Safe Is Encryption?

Compared to password protection, PDF encryption is the safer option to secure your files from unknown users. The consensus shows that the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat is effective when using either the 128-bit or 256-bit option with more than eight characters. Again, encrypting with random characters is far more effective than using words in a dictionary. Similar to password-protecting PDFs, you need to give the decryption key to the file receiver.

Encrypting PDFs offer more security than just basic viewing and editing rights. Encryption allows users to modify printing rights (none, low-res, high-res printing), advanced editing (inserting, deleting, rotating, filling forms, signing, annotating, extracting), and copying (text, images, both, none).


Can PDF Files Carry Viruses?

Yes, they can. While the more reliable way to detect malicious software on your computer is by looking at the file extension, viruses can just as easily travel through document files as they can executable files.

So, what does this mean for companies? Well, sharing PDFs is not a guarantee that other parties are not trying to compromise your IT system. However, with basic cybersecurity knowledge, you can ensure that your employees don’t put your digital system’s well-being into jeopardy. For instance, teach your employees to never open files from unknown sources, always run a scan to check for viruses in all files, update antivirus and antimalware software, and only use a trusted PDF editor (like Adobe) with good reviews.


How to Securely Convert Files to and from PDF

Now that we’ve gone over how secure PDFs are, we feel inclined to mention how you can securely convert files to and from PDF. We mentioned Adobe Acrobat numerous times in this article. That’s because, as the creator of PDFs, users can rest assured that Adobe will offer the most comprehensive PDF tools. The downside of Adobe Acrobat is its annual subscription fee, which can cost businesses upwards of $200 every month.

If you don’t want to spring for a subscription or only need a PDF converter for basic functions (to merge, split, or sign PDF files), consider checking out Sejda. It’s a free online PDF converter that deletes every file you upload after just two hours. Another excellent online PDF editor is PDFChef that offers a comprehensive list of conversion options and basic editing tools.


So, Are PDFs as Safe as People Claim?

They can be. However, even with password protection or encryption, your employees need to understand the importance of cybersecurity and not sharing files with unauthorized users. Make sure your antivirus and antimalware programs are up to date, your personnel trained in the fine arts of basic cybersecurity, and that you use only trusted software and services when protecting and converting PDFs.

Taking Advantage of Intelligence

Innovation technology

Artificial intelligence has already become a key part of our lives. It plays a role in every aspect, from our phones to our cars to our shopping habits. Yet, the potential of this still emerging technology has still yet to be fully tapped. For Fran Killoway, technology should be used to make the world a better place, by helping those who need it most. We take a look at her firm, Frasil, as it is named Most Innovative AI-Based Browser Software Solution – 2020 in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards.

What is it like to create something truly unique? It takes imagination, and a lot of work. As founder and executive chairman of Frasil, Fran Killoway was blessed with both. Her passion for the creation, development and delivery of technological solutions has guided her to impressive success, with Frasil being the next step on her twenty-year journey of success.

The firm came about because of someone very close to Fran’s heart. A close friend was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and left unable to speak. Fran’s passion for making a difference, and skill with the latest technologies, inspired her to create something totally different. Hers would be a product that would assist those with disabilities to effectively communicate their needs and feelings.

At the heart of this process was AI, and the way in which it could be adapted to become an intuitive communication tool. Since 2010, Fran has been committed to this vision of allowing PLWD to interact more easily with the world around them. The nature of what eventually became known as Frasil meant that there was no precedent for her work, or any competition. It’s a true innovation, the first of its kind anywhere.

The technological innovation that has gone into Frasil is genuinely breath-taking, with the potential to change hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. Available for use on all Android and iOS devices, it’s easily accessible and open to all. What Fran did was introduce neural network technology into Frasil, using the science and mathematics behind quantum mechanics, physics, and calculus to produce an electronic vocal recognition software that could personalise individual vocal grunts and sounds. These sounds could be transformed into a comprehensible voice that could not only be heard, but understood and trusted.

It’s impossible to overstate the impact that Frasil could have on society as a whole. It has quickly become the market leader in the disability sector, retaining its cutting edge because it does something totally difference. In fact, it’s due to her backwards and upside-down way of building Frasil’s Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning that will ensure the longevity of the project. Many simple don’t accept that those with disabilities often have different wants and needs that need to be delivered on a low-cost platform, and this is precisely the service that Frasil offers.

To encourage the growth of this software, the Frasil team has started working closely with Special Needs schools. Fran’s work has taken her across the world from America to Australia, and it’s in Australia that she has found a receptive audience for her creation. The team have taken the time to truly develop the problem, in the wild, working alongside these schools and their pupils to advance the product. The result will be a new, young generation that is equipped to communicate independently and effectively.

When it came to creating a team that could progress Frasil from a dream into commercial reality, Fran knew that it was best to keep it small and focused, with strong and successful individuals guiding the important stages of development. Her position was of leader, making a uniquely collaborative organisation that would take account of every team member. Each brings their own skillset that delivers results of the highest standard. Following Fran’s goals, the team develops a strategy, and ensures that the strategy can be executed effectively.

Creative thinking is a key tenant of Frasil’s operations, combined with the collaborative power of teamwork. It’s vital that people can be heard and encouraged no matter what their position because everyone has something to offer. While Fran has brought the team together, she knows that individuals with different experiences and knowledge to bring to the table can transform how a problem is perceived. Leadership is for guidance and advice but cannot provide solutions for the unknown territory that the firm has chosen to explore.

In many ways, this approach underlines the firm, and makes it unique in its offering, is the organisational and cultural DNA that has been established at this point. It’s not a matter of top-down management, but collective leadership. The way in which team members interact reflects the way in which Frasil has been designed specifically to ensure that its users, PLWD, are heard and respected.

Working in this new and innovative area has brought its own problems for the firm. Many people do not know the potential of AI and neural networks, and many of those who do understand it struggle to accept that a woman of Fran’s age could know how they work, and how they can be threaded into new and exciting formulations. This disbelief stretched to the point where they did not think that Frasil could be developed, yet it exists today and is an exciting success. The success of the firm is due, in no small part, to her vision of technology not just as an end in itself, but as a tool that could make life easier for people. It’s a credit to her that she was able to create a unique way of working that has helped so many.

Frasil has been a major success, with Fran not just leading a team that can thrive, but will be leading a charge for the disability community. It is not, however, her only project. As mentioned before, Frasil is another stop on her journey of success, and the next release is also for Android and iOS devices and called meka. meka is designed to tackle another issue facing today’s society, namely the matter of online child protection on popular social media sites.

Intuitive in every way, meka will respect a user’s privacy while ensuring their safety online at all hours. Real-time alerts will be sent to children and to their patients when an online threat is present. The use of artificial means that meka will be able to determine the precise level of the threat and take appropriate action to avoid any harm from this potential situation.

Technology holds so much potential for good and for ill. When Fran Killoway first thought of the potential of artificial technology, she knew how to make a difference to those who needed it most, to those who’s lives could be transformed by it. It’s a line of thinking that has guided her career and led her to such enviable success with her many enterprises to date.

For further information, please contact Fran Killoway at

Wireless Wonders Secure Success

Wireless technology

Wireless technology has a major role to play in many industries around the world. Continued development by companies such as JMA, is what keeps it at the forefront of a brand-new world. After JMA was named in 2020’s Corporate Excellence Awards as the Most Cutting-Edge Wireless Technology Development Firm, we thought we’d look more closely at the firm and its team to find out more about what they do.

The effect of 5G on the world has yet to be seen, but already countries and businesses around the globe have begun to account for its arrival. This exciting, new kind of network, a step up from the 3G and 4G networks to which many have become accustomed, is ideally positioned to revolutionize the worlds of work and leisure. With extended capacity to enable next-generation user experiences, working faster and more efficiently, it can be of little surprise that many have already begun to explore the potential benefits that this will bring.

JMA works at the cutting edge of this next generation of wireless technology. While many businesses exist to exploit current technology, the team at JMA is committed to finding new ways of constructing networks that remove dependence on linear decision making and hardware based lock-in. Drawing on years of experience, the team has helped to place the U.S. at the heart of this technological race, with their work designed to focus on the long-term development of complex, disruptive solutions.

What sets JMA apart is its dedication to providing a wholly U.S. approach to this exciting new way of working. All the solutions that have been developed by the talented team are designed, developed, and manufactured within the U.S., drawing on a proud history of innovation and determination. JMA’s U.S.-based technology also extends globally with more than twenty different supporting locations worldwide.

As a result of working in wireless technology, the JMA team has found that their work can be applied to many different industries and developed a suitably broad product portfolio to match. It is possible to find JMA products in sectors such as real estate, sports and entertainment, hospitality, higher education, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and, most obviously, mobile network operators. The incredible scope of these solutions permits businesses to make progress in a wealth of ways that allow people to engage with information, which ranges from keeping fans connected to updating staff on an evolving situation.

The solutions that JMA pioneers are generally aimed to disrupt the market, making networks easier to manage, more resilient, and future-proof by instituting a software-first approach. This means that instead of being locked into older generations of technology, JMA solutions are free to explore new frontiers. This is shown best in its XRAN platform, the first in the world to truly deliver a virtualized, software-based solution for wireless basebands – the critical network element that controls radios and network intelligence.

XRAN sets the bar when it comes to a software-based wireless network, providing the multiple benefits of flexibility, space savings, and software-driven scalability. Since legacy broadband techniques are designed to average a six-year cycle, three in development and three in an actual network, it’s impossible to know how far technology will have changed and what can be adapted for use in the future. XRAN’s software-based system makes this transformation child’s play, future-proofing networks for years to come.

With 80% less power used and 90% of space saved in specific in-building scenarios, it’s easy to see how less is more with JMA. Indoor and outdoor builds have traditionally used the same architecture, meaning that indoor builds have irrelevant radios and RF jumper cables alongside wasted space, power consumption, and Capex cost. By virtualizing all layers of the stack, XRAN transforms the way in which this system operates, while retaining the high standards that businesses demand in terms of network connectivity.

As 5G develops, solutions for millimeter wave (mmWave) remain of particular interest to wireless operators globally. The massive bandwidth provided by mmWave is paired with high sensitivity to the surrounding environment, requiring fine tuning when deploying in dense urban areas and, in the future, indoors. With 80% of mobile use indoors, JMA sees indoor mmWave as a major industry need. JMA’s IOTA platform, built from the ground up to support indoor mmWave technology, provides a best-in-class radio footprint for indoor 5G deployments. This solution combines deployment flexibility, power, and specific technologies that help propagate mmWave indoors.

When used alongside other JMA solutions such as XRAN, it is possible for a 5G signal to be transmitted in any indoor location. At the center of the project is a system of fully integrated 4G/5G architecture that enables businesses to use the latest technology with a great deal of flexibility.

For those businesses that want to truly own a private network, JMA has developed a truly unique solution. Pairing XRAN and their CellHub radio platform, and using either CBRS shared spectrum or carrier-licensed spectrum, JMA provides an industrial grade solution that delivers unmatched flexibility and bandwidth. Scalability, security, speed, and the ability to slice and monetize are all present in this incredible solution that supports multiple networks in a single deployment. This single build approach untethers buildings from a maze of wires, reducing setup and ongoing operating costs.

In all, JMA has become a success simply by keeping its eyes set firmly on the future. It’s an environment where innovation can thrive and practical change is possible. Some struggle to see the potential of technology, remaining trapped in a nebulous space of what could be. JMA brings all the benefits to life with apparent ease. It’s what makes them one to watch as the world sits on the brink of a new 5G era.

For more information, please contact Sean Griffin at

Powerful Combination of Privacy and Collaboration

IT Firm

With an innovative software solution to the masses, Storage Made Easy owes more to its success than a unique product offering. We speak to Jim Liddle, CEO of Storage Made about what really makes the company.

Storage Made Easy, which is wholly owned by Vehera Ltd – a private London-based limited company, provides a software solution called the Enterprise File Fabric™. This solution integrates and unifies File and Object Storage accessible through a global file system to accelerate end user and system workflows.

Storage Made Easy’s primary revenue model focuses on the enterprise on-premises software in which companies procure and run the software either in their own Data Centre or on public cloud. It primarily operates a channel sales model in which the File Fabric is introduced to prospects by OEM partners, distributors and resellers.

The File Fabric solution works by unlocking the benefits and cost-efficiency of a company’s file and object data assets, whilst providing strict controls and governance for legislative compliance and security concerns, such as ransomware attacks. Existing file-based storage infrastructures can be transformed into an on-premises private cloud, delivering a storage-as-a-service model to the company. Object storage can be connected and available alongside file base storage, expertly managed by the File Fabric as a unified hybrid cloud storage platform.

The File Fabric is able to provide a unified view of a company’s assets that can be dispersed across file and object spread, across cloud storage and on-premises storage. M-Stream, a feature of the File Fabric, can accelerate large file/object data to/from destinations. FIPS certified encryption ensures assets are protected in-flight and at-rest. Smart indexing and data classifications, with Cloud AI integrations, ensures assets can be easily catalogued and found.

There are also some key tenets as to why people purchase the product as opposed to a competing product or solution. This includes the fact that The File Fabric does not presume to introduce new storage to solve problems a company may have. Instead, it works with what a company already has or indeed may yet procure.

From an ethos and design perspective, Storage Made Easy harbours a ‘no lock-in’ approach. This means companies have full bi-modal access to their data and they can completely remove the firm’s solution and continue to access their data. Competing products often ‘lock data in’ so it can be only accessed through their product.

The File Fabric is designed to work with existing best of breed enterprise applications, be that from the access and authorisation (LDAP, SAML, Active Directory), right the way through the back-end storage (over 60 storage connectors). It is designed with modern access mechanisms and API’s. In today’s world companies want web scale access not to be locked into proprietary API’s.

Recently, Storage Made Easy has updated its innovative product to reflect the current, and ever-changing, situation in a move which focuses on remote working and cybersecurity, providing a powerful combination of privacy and collaboration that works with a company’s existing file and object data sets.

With more companies having remote employees, the File Fabric’s SMB connector has been updated enabling SMB shares to no longer be restricted by boundaries of the office, facilitating cloud-like working without the need for VPN or VDI. The same technology works with Cloud based file systems such as Amazon FSx or Azure files.

Additionally, a new feature of called Jibe has been introduced which is a service that is able to monitor data that is added to a company’s file or object data estates directly ensuring that File Fabric metadata is instantly updated as new files or objects are added. This enables the File Fabric to analyze new data in near real-time, updating its ‘smart index’ immediately and enforcing security controls.

The File Fabric has also been integrated with Microsoft Teams to provide easy in-situ access for companies that have adopted this tool for remote working and collaboration.

Whilst it may have an innovative product offering, there is so much more that can be attributed to the firm’s success, as CEO, Jim Liddle, explains.

“The success of the company is a combination of the technology and the people,” he begins. “The old adage that ‘people buy from people’ may seem out of sync with the modern world but it still holds true in the Enterprise.

“Our success is absolutely due to the team of people we have working for the Company. We are lucky to have very strong individuals who work well as a team and, as with many start-ups, those individuals are able to ‘wear many hats’ which is one of the benefits of working for a start-up.”

Company culture is an integral part of any company that wishes to have a happy and productive team, and at Storage Made Easy, it is no different. The firm strives to encourage a day-to-day company culture of agile working, self-governance and autonomy coupled with regular daily interactions and feedback sessions, for its remote teams.

“Storage Made Easy employees are motivated, responsible and encompass values which unite our diverse workforce. Globally binding behavioural rules are a key part of this culture. They provide guidance for the behaviour, ethics and actions of our employees in all our business areas around the world.”

Despite its overwhelming success, Store Made Easy has also experienced it fair share of challenges, with one of the biggest of recent being the Covid-19 the pandemic. As with companies, the firm has had to deal with widespread travel bans and self-isolation of employees which has meant robust and agile business continuity planning was needed. However it helped as Storage Made Easy already operates a distributed global team, many of whom already did work from home.

“Operating in the Covid world has meant we, as far as possible, conduct the sales process not by jumping on a plane or a train but by using a combination of phone, slack, web video sessions etc.

“We are of course not unique in that sense but we have continued to optimise our Application and Services so that all trials, proof of concept, deployments, support etc can be conducted / deployed / maintained remotely.”

Regarding the future, Storage Made Easy has some exciting plans in the pipeline in regard to the continued expansion and functionality of its software.

From a business perspective, the company has a clear long-term business mission in which it has defined several clear business goal objectives for the next 36 months, including continued growth; securing key strategic partners; and accelerating customer’s secure digital transformation.

“At this point we have delivered against our original vision of a software product that provides a single-entry point to corporate data in which companies can securely manage content and set common policies through a global file system,” says Jim.

“From the onset to achieve this the product mined content metadata as this was (and is) the File Fabric’s secret sauce for working with the various storage solutions, be they file or object based.”

Over time the metadata collected evolved from simple file or object metadata (name, date, size, location) to also include content metadata (file or object content indexes). Today, this includes integrations with AI based content metadata enhancement services such as Google Vision.

As the File Fabric mines file and object metadata, it is available to be used for the good of the organization in all sorts of ways which does not necessarily involve full blown AI or deep learning. This may involve using metadata to be smart about creating an Active Archive across two or more storage instances, aiding in the recovery of Ransomware attacks, or for Data Automation in which certain metadata event triggers cause an action to occur, such as tiering data (using the File Fabric’s M-Stream file acceleration feature).

“As we move forward over the next year, we are continuing to explore deep learning algorithms which introduce the possibility of being even smarter about finding patterns in the metadata. This could be as diverse as finding files that are familiar or finding patterns that enable past behaviour to predict future behaviour, all of which will be an enabler for us to provide a smarter document driven enterprise.”

For more information, please contact Mariado Martinez at

Most Innovative IT Consulting & Managed Services Company

IT consulting

The world of IT and innovation often go hand in hand, and now is the time when they have also become increasingly necessary. Managed Service Providers and IT-focused consultancies are one of the most important businesses right now, and that honour extends to SoftPrime Technologies. In fact, the firm is recognized in this issue with the title of “Most Innovative IT Consulting & Managed Services Company 2020 – India”. As a result, we take a closer look at the firm to find out more about its innovations and their importance to the world today.

There are few firms that can live up to the name ‘one-stop-shop’, but SoftPrime Technologies truly lives up to the mantle, and delivers exceptional services that cover all areas of the IT life cycle needs. SoftPrime Technologies is, at its core, an IT Services and System Integration company, that has specialized in IT Consulting, Implementation Services, License Fulfilment, and Renewal Services. Working primarily on Oracle and Microsoft technology, the firm provides services in the area of Application and Database Management. This can include, but is not limited to, IT Consulting, Resource Deployment, Database Management, ERP Implementation and Support, Be-spoke Software Development, Annual Maintenance work, and Corporate Training for those who need it. In order to offer this technologically-astounding service focused around Cloud Services, Databases, Engineering Systems, Middleware, Servers, and Storage Systems, SoftPrime Technologies has the necessary distribution agreements, and meets applicable competency levels.

All of the services that are offered by SoftPrime Technologies are aimed at helping organizations gain a better understanding of emerging technologies, as well as how to implement agile design principles and take a strategic approach to adopting tools and methodologies. Using a holistic approach, the firm helps its customers to define, design, and execute strategies that optimize costs and quality whilst creating new revenue streams. Unique in its approach and service excellence, SoftPrime Technologies knows that it has had to be at the top of its game to stay relevant in an industry that is always moving fast and evolving constantly.

Not only does the team at SoftPrime Technologies provide IT Support, but they also offer value-added services such as business process consulting, solution enhancement, data assessments, and much more. Clients can also gain access to SoftPrime Technologies’ internal network of architects and the delivery team, as and when it is necessary. Ultimately, the firm is unique because it allows those involved to enjoy the freedom of customized engagement according to customer needs, whether it be a quick fix or a complete package, a limited-time engagement or an ongoing provision of services. SoftPrime Technologies is always ready to meet the customer at their level.

Mr. Shankar Sahai Co-Founder & Director of SoftPrime Technologies firmly believes that its customers are what make it successful; constantly delivering outstanding results for them and enabling them to carry on as though business is as usual. That exceptional service results in references and word of mouth playing a great part in the firm gaining more and more work in

the future. As the staff continue to deliver excellence, so too does the leadership at the firm. SoftPrime Technologies’ leaders are responsible for creating a conducive work environment that is built on tolerance, understanding, mutual co-operation, and respect for individual privacy. At the company, every employee is allowed and encouraged to give honest feedback, which is then implemented as effectively as possible, where it is relevant to do so.

Having an outstanding work atmosphere that is encouraging and empowering is just a small part of the incredible success that SoftPrime Technologies has achieved, and the breadth of that success is truly remarkable. IT continues to remain in a state of flux, and the need for innovation is more prevalent than ever before. Customers needs are changing rapidly, and SoftPrime Technologies is at the forefront of updating skills and offerings to meet the needs of its customers in increasingly outstanding ways.

Fore more information, please visit

4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees

4 Important Benefits for Your Remote Employees

Remote work is no longer a trend or a fad considering that many businesses and industries have fully or partially embraced it. With massive advancements in technology, employees can now work from almost anywhere. However, remote work is different from working in an office and this is why remote workers are often left behind in a few areas, one of them being the benefits they get. Fringe benefits have always been offered to remote employees but as more remote employees start demanding better benefits, businesses have to rethink what they offer. Here are some benefits companies can offer remote employees, whether they work from home or elsewhere.

Insurance Plans

Many businesses have insurance plans for their employees. The problem is that, in many cases, these benefits do not extend to remote employees. Life and health insurance are expensive and expecting employees to cater for one or both of these themselves can put a huge burden on them.

Responsible employers are taking note and are starting to offer insurance plans as part of their employee benefits plans. Companies that cannot do this can make arrangements with insurance companies to provide subsidised health and life insurance rates for their remote employees.

Health and Wellness Benefits

An employee benefits programme that does not include some aspect of health and wellness feels incomplete. Remote workers’ health needs are a lot different from those of in-office workers and this is why health and wellness benefits are a lot more important for them. Since many of them work in isolation, ensuring their physical and mental health is in top shape is important for any business that hires remote employees considering that these businesses would not be successful without them.

Offering health and wellness benefits is also a great way to attract and retain some of the best remote talent. However, managing all these benefits can become complicated very quickly. This is why businesses and their HR departments are turning to employee benefits software. To implement such a solution for your business, try Zest’s flexible benefits platform.  This is an employee benefits software that makes it easy for employees to engage with their benefits anywhere they may be in the world. A platform likes Zest’s also makes it easy for businesses to inform their employees about new additions to their benefits schemes by allowing them to communicate through the platform.

Workstation and Equipment Support

Although remote employees require proper equipment to do their jobs, ensuring they have adequate setups and proper equipment can be quite expensive for many of them. Employers can achieve a few things by extending workstation and equipment support.

First, doing so can make their employees feel valued, which can increase motivation and productivity. Second, they can save their employees any time they would waste tinkering with their current workstations to ensure it works as it is supposed to. Third, by providing the best equipment, employers can ensure the work their employees produce is of the highest quality due to the new workstations and because they will be more focused on work instead of the tools that they use to complete it.

Learning Opportunities

As the world changes, employees are required to keep learning so they can keep up. When employers allow employees to continue learning while working, the employees might feel obliged to do better work or remain loyal to the company.

With the availability of online courses, there is no reason why employers cannot make the necessary arrangements for their remote employees to take the courses they would like to or learn new skills even as they continue working.

One of the things employers might have noticed is that the benefits afforded to remote employees are different from those extended to other employees. This is because their needs are different. However, offering these benefits makes for better remote employees which can massively benefit all businesses that offer them.

Ray of Sunshine

Software programming

The digital world is one that must be embraced by businesses that want to thrive in today’s marketplace. Augmented Reality and app development are the order of the day. For those who struggle to achieve success, there is always Easyray. Named Best International Software Development Agency 2020 – Italy in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, we took the opportunity to profile the firm and find out more.

Computer science is a constantly evolving industry, changing by the day. For businesses trying to keep up, it can be immensely tiring. The team at Easyray specialise in getting the right results for their customers. Instead of struggling to learn the minutiae required to get started with the digital marketplace, Easyray is equipped to provide a solution that gets its clients where they want to be.

It’s a large and talented team of professionals that make up Easyray, combining an enormous amount of experience that allows them to thrive no matter what the project. Instead of wasting time, the team take a proactive approach to software development, learning what is required and exploring how to achieve the best results.

A dedicated team of creative, designers and developers make up the Easyray team, and are capable of handling whatever is required of them. This means that tasks from mobile applications, web design and marketing all the way through to project management and IT training can be undertaken by the firm. With years of expertise, it is ideally positioned to provide the best possible support in this field.

Of the many ways in which Easyray can play a valuable role in the success of any business, it is in the provision of POS, SmartCard and traceability systems that they have achieved the most success. The team are capable of supporting any step in the smart card development life cycle, designing each to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The firm also handle smart card customization for demo, presentation or pilot roll-outs. Everything from state-of-the-art, simple Java Card to storage cards such as HID iCLASS and Mifare and multi-application operating systems such as MULTOS is in the company’s grasp, and demonstrates how effective a group they can be, and how valuable a partner they are to many.

Because Easyray embraces the digital landscape, it boasts clients from around the globe. Customers from Dubai, London and New Zealand have all been able to benefit from the team’s impressive work ethic. The reasons behind this success are simple – the team make an effort to employ English speaking technicians who can easily bridge the gap between home and away.

Under the capable stewardship of CEO and founder Ing. Antonio Raimondo, Easyray has grown since its humble beginnings. Originally set up in 2001, it was a freelance group focused on usability and User Experience. To this day, these two factors remain vital to the way in which Easyray operates.

Because the firm has such a broad appeal, it has never struggled to find work. Indeed, those who use the service become frequent repeat clients. Currently, Easyray boasts a formidable portfolio of more than 40 private companies, each with their own specific needs and requirements.

A passion for excellence drives Easyray onward, and the team have achieved many great things over the years. These successes have come from an ability to adapt to meet the challenges of the day. Because of this, they are always striving for excellence, which keeps them ahead of the competition in business.

For more information, please contact Antonio Raimondo at

The Time For Digital Is Now

digital marketing

LUXE Digital Now is an innovative luxury digital marketing and technology solutions company that has become globally recognized for its drive to constantly stay ahead in the world of digital marketing and tech. Led by Founder and CEO Jacqueline Hudson, the leading US company works with the world’s most esteemed brands in the luxury and beauty industries to move them and their customers forwards into the digital age.

Launched in 2018, LUXE Digital Now is a digital marketing and technology solutions company that specializes in delivering digitally elevated luxury. Established on the West Coast of America, the leading marketing agency strives to be the most innovative technology solutions company in the world, capitalizing on the advancement of digital marketing technologies. With the growing demand for progress becoming more prominent in the industry, LUXE’s AI, technological and data solutions have gained international recognition in less than three years.

As specialists in the luxury and beauty industries, there are many attributes that have made LUXE stand out throughout its development. For instance, the firm’s groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Data Analytical System (AiDAS) is an artificial intelligence cloud program, designed exclusively for global corporations to gain complete autonomy of their digital marketing, e-commerce and digital technologies data. Not only does this allow C-Level and Marketing Executives to enhance their marketing strategies, but also to boost data collection and autonomy for marketing ROI and therefore enhance KPI on budgets, advertising control and more. AiDAS allows the exhibition of investment and profitability input scaling with real-time conversions and predictive data analytics for investment purposes, too.

Alongside this global leader of AI data analytics, LUXE is also the innovator of other market leading AI and AR tech for the luxury industry, such Liquid Beauty AI, which is a system for beauty retailers that offers a 3D augmented reality mirror that simulated cosmetics on a user’s face photo-realistically in real-time. Premier Jet App, another of LUXE’s prominent innovations, is the world’s first and leading private jet charter app, which can be downloaded to locate luxury brands around the world with the app’s exclusive global mapping system.

In order to achieve LUXE’s founding mission to keep the luxury and beauty industry moving forward, the firm works with some of the most preeminent brands and businesses in the industry. Since 2018, the agency has helped the likes of L’Oréal, Burberry, American Express and Jaguar to find their creative voice through digital mediums, guiding them through the ever-evolving, omni-channel environment of the modern world of commercialism and marketing.

All of LUXE’s elite clients receive exceptional standards of professionalism and integrity in their service, which exceeds expectations and consistently outstrips LUXE’s competition. Ardent believers in brand and client loyalty, LUXE emphasizes valuable commitment to the brands it works with and employs a team that the company and their clients can rely on. A group of talented and diverse individuals who are professionals in data science and software engineering, the LUXE team upholds the firm’s core values as it adheres to meticulous and well-researched project methodologies that will ensure the successful delivery of products and services for their clients.

LUXE is able to deliver added value at any entry point that is identified by their clients, from which point the team is able to put together project methodologies that consider the scope of the project, appropriate technologies, brand management and best practices. Using shared internal knowledge and expertise from the firm’s wide network of industry partners, LUXE is able to carefully manage project deliverables through consulting services in digital communications, marketing and content, as well as technology solutions, artificial intelligence and software development. The result is the creation of complete solutions provided under one roof that will effectively boost the marketing strategy of any luxury or beauty brand.

At the head of this successful one-stop company for digital marketing and technology solutions is Founder and CEO Jacqueline Hudson, who has been an award-winning digital marketing executive for over ten years. She is a specialist in strategic planning and management, project leadership and design, data analytical designs and architecture, technology development, and all digital marketing principles, and her expertise is regularly sought as a global speaker at the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association), for which she has so far lectured in fourteen countries around the world.

An expert in ‘designing and implementing communication campaigns using channel success metrics’, Jacqueline received her PgD from the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland. She has since added an extensive roster of awards and accreditations to her name, including being named in the ‘Top 40 under 40’ in the Top 100 Magazine in the U.S. With the help of co-founder and Strategic Leader, Steven Thorsen, Jacqueline has led LUXE to outstanding success in a relatively short period of operation.

A great deal of this success can also be put down to the diverse and inclusive team that the firm has cultivated, which has successfully launched almost two hundred campaigns since its inception. Seeking the best in talent and individuals who will enhance the driven and inclusive company culture, LUXE takes recruitment very seriously. The firm’s core values of integrity and diversity are shared by every member and despite working as remote groups, LUXE has still been able to foster a close community culture in its organization.

The remote operations of LUXE have given the firm a type of new, virtual office that is not only well-suited to the tech-centric nature of the business but has proven instrumental in the continued success of LUXE throughout the global pandemic. Despite the notable impacts of Covid-19 on all industries, it has been a test of the resilience of this firm, which continues to stand strong thanks to its people and its leadership.

As such, LUXE is able to continue looking ahead to a bright and ambitious future. In the months and years ahead, the team at LUXE will continue to advance their technology solutions in the areas of space and holographic systemic technology. This unceasing progress in technological solutions will enable LUXE to drive towards its mission to move the luxury and beauty industry forward into an as-yet unexplored and exciting future.

For more information, please contact Jacqueline Hudson at

Adding Value to Your Website: Simple Ways to Convert Traffic to Sales

website traffic

The art of running a business has evolved substantially in the last decade. Businesses, whether offline, brick and mortar brands or online eCommerce retailers have started relying more and more on the digital world to market and manage their business.

A company’s website has become one of its most powerful tools to not only reach out to new customers but to convert them to loyal, paying fans. COVID -19 has played a large role in forcing companies to pivot their operations to cater to the changing customer needs. Social distancing and lockdowns have forced millions of shoppers to turn to online sources, and businesses have scrambled to keep up.

So, whether you are a fully digital brand, or whether you are looking to take more of your operations online, we thought we would take a look at all of the important aspects of your website – how you optimize it to drive traffic and how you add value to convert that traffic to customers.


Optimized, Professional Sites Drive More Traffic

Let’s start off with one of the first things to look at. The basic design and layout of your site is key in your customer journey and could be the difference in your customers staying and converting, or bouncing, and never returning.

Websites should be simple, yet effective. Crisp, high-quality images, eye-catching CTAs, quality content and simple design principles and color schemes are currently the biggest trends for websites. If you do not have a website yet, there are a number of options for you to choose from to get one online as soon as possible. Firstly, you can create one from scratch. This will take longer than the other options, but the advantage lies in the fact that you have a totally unique, and custom-built site.

The second option is to use an online template like WordPress to create your site. This is less time consuming than coding one from scratch, and you can easily put together a site that is optimized for your customers.

Lastly, you can buy a website. This usually entails buying the whole business from the seller, but here, you inherit all of the existing traffic and current customers. There are a number of companies that sell website domains and pre-established websites to buyers looking to take on a digital business. This could be an option for you if you are looking to take on an existing, successful business.


Automation Can Heighten Traffic and Save You Hours in The Day

Once you get your website up and running, the next step is to automate as much as possible. We have always recommended that once you perfect one of the processes, or operations, get it automated and move onto the next thing.

Luckily for you, there are thousands, if not millions of automation tools online that will keep simple operations on and off your site running while you focus your attention on growing your brand.

Your sales funnel, for example, can be a fully automated process where the customer can go through the entire funnel; including filling out the forms, the whole cart and checkout process and receive a thank you message, as well as confirmation message in one swift action and without any action required from you.

Inventory management is another example. Automation tools have taken the headache out of the supply chain and warehousing processes by automating almost every step of the process. From picking and sorting to order management and shipping, it has been simplified and streamlined to reduce human error and to make it more effective.

Off-site, you can automate your social media processes, your emails and your paid ads. Let’s take LinkedIn, for example. LinkedIn automation tools will allow you to grow your networks with standardized invites, build message chains and save vital contacts from the platform. This will take hours out of your day while growing your database.


Informative, Educational Content Will Heighten Your Conversion Rate

Content is key for two different reasons, which we need to expand upon.


Content Converts Customers

Content is vital to reach new audiences, and convert them to customers. People buy from brands that they can trust, and if you are putting out information that educates, informs, and helps them, they will learn to trust you.

If you do not already have a blog on your site, look into it as soon as possible. WordPress offers thousands of templates and great WordPress tools to make it as easy as possible for you to get the right content out and seen.

Post regular content about topics that your customers will be interested in. Say, for example, you are an organic food retailer. Posting articles on ‘5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat’, or ‘Healthiest  Alternatives to Pasta’ will help your brand come up in the results because those are all topics that people are searching for.

You can then slip in CTAs and links into the article to products on your site that just happen to be on special that week, or that you want to draw your customers attention to.

Your blog can be a powerful sales tool which you can factor into your marketing calendar. Not only can these posts be shared on social media, but to various affiliate sites and influencers to really extend your reach.


SEO Relies On Content

Secondly, it is important for SEO purposes, and to get your site ranked on search engines. Google will regularly scrape your site, picking up the vital keywords in order to understand where you need to be ranked, what category you fit into and where the search results you should fall in.

The smart use of keywords on your site will make sure you are ranked correctly making keyword research really important for your rankings. You will need to get the right long-tail and short-tail keywords on your site to be picked up when customers search for them. Be careful though, do not stuff your content, as Google will pick this up and penalize you for it.

The more blogs you post, and include your keywords correctly in, the higher you will be ranked. You can also ensure that the right products can be ranked at the right time. Posting an article on ‘4 Turkey Alternatives This Thanksgiving’, for example, can be picked up by a huge audience if posted at the right time. So, pay attention to your content calendars and match up your keywords to important dates for extended reach.


Wrapping Up

The rule of thumb for adding value to your site is to understand what your customer wants. Your customer journey is vital throughout your website, so take some time getting to know your audience and understanding how they behave on your site and what will spark their interest. We will always advocate you going through the site yourself and taking the journey to know where you can optimize key elements.

Lastly, try and test everything. Keep an eye on your data to see what works and what doesn’t. Google Analytics is a great free tool to watch your traffic and keep an eye on how your traffic behaves on your site. You can get a good idea of what are successful pages, and what people bounce from in order to streamline your future strategy. So, keep measuring and using these metrics.

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

ringless voicemail

Technology has become a significant part of any business today. Every successful company has some bits of innovation incorporated in its operation. For instance, the communications department – which is a crucial sector – has embraced the tech world by strengthening its social media presence. Of course, this is where most customers are found today. Another significant innovation that doesn’t get similar praises is the ringless voicemail.

For a business, communicating with the customers is very important, but finding the right channels can be problematic. Ringless voicemail provides a proper alternative to all your current methods. This article aims to discuss the operation of systems like Drop Cowboy ringless voicemail and all you need to know before you include it in your policies.


What’s Ringless Voicemail

So, what’s ringless voicemail? Sometimes known as a silent voicemail drop, it’s a way in which a pre-recorded sound message is placed into a voicemail account without the associated phone ringing first. In other words, the message from a marketing company drops directly to the voicemail box while bypassing the call function of the phone. As such, they send less invasive messages to the customers, which is an advantage for both parties involved. 

This technology has been around for several years now, and it started with the objective of marking business-customer communication more comfortable. Today, it’s employed by many marketing companies because it offers a very high call-back rate – which is a testimony of its benefits to any business. Of course, there are several providers of this service in the market, it’s upon you to find the most reliable one. Some of these companies sell this service as a package with other products like a progressive dialer and mass text messaging.


Operation Of Ringless Voicemail

Now that you have an idea of what this technology is and how beneficial it can be to your business, let’s have a look at how it works. Initially, the only way a voicemail message would be saved in your box was after a call was made by the other party. Today, however, companies have the ability to bypass all that process and drop the message directly in your voicemail server. 

To make this technology even more beneficial, especially for marketers, it’s a good idea to attach as many contacts as possible. Automated direct voicemail system is quite popular when it comes to marketing because all you need to do is insert the desired message and the target group. The system will the do the rest of the work and ensure that your audience receives the message as expected.


Creation Of Ringless Voicemail Campaign

Depending on the service provider you choose to use, the process of setting up a campaign can be different. However, the general idea is similar, and that’s what we’ll cover in this section. Read on to learn the important tips on how to create a ringless voicemail campaign. 


Add Campaign

As you’d expect, the first step is to add a new campaign to your dashboard. As earlier stated, this may vary from one company to another. As such, you’ll need to check their manual to understand where to start the process. Nonetheless, you’re likely to come across an “add campaign” tab or one with a similar name.

Once you’ve clicked the “add campaign” button, it’ll take you to a new screen. Here, you’ll be required to add all the necessary details regarding your campaign – from the name to the expected number of target customers. You may also have to include your caller ID so that the recipients can know who sent them the message.


Record Your Message

Once you have your campaign all set up, it’s time to record your campaign message. This is the sound that will be played to the recipients who, in this case, are your potential customers. Therefore, you need to record an audio that’s not only attractive, but also matches your overall objectives. For instance, if you’re marketing a given product, make sure the message explains the reasons people need to have that product, and the explanation should be short and precise.

Anyone can create a ringless voicemail campaign, but not all companies are usually successful in that area. So, if you’re trying to come up with one yourself, here are some of the factors to keep in mind:


Understand The Demographic

One of the main factors that you should consider is the demographic of your target group. Remember, this is no different from traditional marketing techniques in terms of message delivery. Therefore, doing your research on a particular community’s socioeconomic history is very crucial. Failure to do so may lead to poor marketing which might blow your chances of attracting the customers within a given region. In addition, it can easily spoil your reputation, especially if people feel offended by your messages.

Highlight The Problem At Hand

For any product to succeed, it must be aimed at solving a given problem. As such, in your marketing message, you need to highlight that particular problem and show how your product is going to deal with it. It’s always recommended that you hire a professional marketer to develop your campaign for better results. 


Mention The Product’s Strengths

Every time you come up with a new product, there’s a high chance that someone else had created something that tries to solve the same problem. Therefore, it’s upon you to convince your prospective clients to buy your item or service instead of what your competitors are offering. The only way to attain this is by highlighting the unique benefits guaranteed to the buyers. As such, in your voicemail pitch, make sure you mention some of the main strengths associated with your product.


Focus On The Customers

One thing that many marketers forget in their bid to attract new visitors is that the primary goal should be the customer needs. Regardless of how you want to shape your ringless voicemail message, the focus should always be on the one receiving this message. What a customer really wants is to know how your product is going to make his life more convenient. Of course, no one would want to spend a fortune on something that will offer the same benefits that the current alternative is fulfilling. 


Hearing Is Believing

Ever heard of the phrase “seeing is believing?” Well, all potential customers are always swayed by what they deem “real.” For instance, if you market the same product as your competitor, but you include testimonials, then you’re likely to attract more clients. The idea here is to show that there are people who tested the convenience of this product and that it’s not a scam. Of course, it can be quite tricky to include this in your one-minute message, but you can always find a way. 

Happy woman texting outdoors on city street

Advantages Of Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail has become very popular in recent years, and rightly so. There are several benefits that your business is likely to enjoy when you install this system. Here are some of the main advantages to look forward to:


No Interruptions

One thing that most customers don’t appreciate is an intrusive marketer. In fact, some may act as if they’re listening to you, but in real sense they just want you to let them continue with their duties. Of course, the advantage of intrusive marketing is that you’re likely to get immediate feedback, though, a big percentage of those responses might not be positive. So, how different is a ringless voicemail message?

As earlier mentioned, the main idea of creating this technology is to ensure that marketers reach their target audience without disturbing them. As such, a potential customer will be able to read or listen to the message whenever they’re done with what they were doing. That means you’re less likely to irritate them because they can open their voicemail box at their own discretion.  


High Rate Of Returned Calls

Having an effective communication method in your organization means more chances of attracting and retaining customers. That’s exactly what you get with a ringless voicemail system. The fact that the target audience can open the message whenever they’re ready means they’re likely to listen to all the details rather than when opening the message for the sake of it. 

As such, you can be assured that nearly everyone who receives your message will internalize it from the first to the final word. Companies that receive a high rate of returned calls are those that aim to fulfil consumer demands. Therefore, if your voicemail pitch is curated to match the clients’ expectations, then you’re guaranteed of a high rate of positive feedback. 


Quality Control

One disadvantage of having a live call with the customer is that a mistake made by your representative can’t be taken back. For instance, your call centre agent might utter the wrong words, which may force the caller on the other side to drop the call. That will definitely destroy your company’s reputation because that person is likely to share his experience with friends and family.

However, when you record a message to be sent to target audience, such undergoes several editing processes before it’s released. Hence, your employees can get rid of any possible mistakes that might have been made during the recording session. Any suggestive phrases are removed, and a clean pitch is sent to the customers’ voicemail boxes.


The Legality Of Ringless Voicemail

A lot has been said about the legality of ringless voicemail messages. The fact that a message can be dropped in your voicemail box directly without your consent may seem like a violation of one’s privacy. The worst part is that there are some companies taking advantage of this idea to spam their consumer’s voicemail boxes with irritating messages. So, which side of the law does this technology stand? Let’s have a look.

Before going into the nitty gritty part of this topic, it’s important to note that there are technically no laws that prevent a telemarketer from using ringless voicemail. However, the laws come into play when discussing the general usage of this technology. In other words, one can sue a company on grounds of how they used the innovation rather than the fact that they employed ringless voicemail to promote its products.

With that confusion out of the way, here are some of the rules that a telemarketer must comply with when using the ringless voicemail:

  • As a marketer, you shouldn’t include those registered in the “Do Not Call Registry” national database in your contact list. So, it’s upon you to research on everyone in your contact list to make sure they’re not listed in that particular database.
  • Another thing to consider is the credibility of your message. Being honest in your marketing is very crucial for your brand reputation and to keep you away from any legal problems. Therefore, make sure that everything that you include in your voicemail pitch can be proven when required. 
  • Also, you should give your target audience the option of opting out from those voicemail messages. Remember, not everyone you send the voicemail to is ready to listen to you. In fact, you can go a step further and include a toll-free number both at the start and the end of your message.



Ringless voicemail is one of the many innovative concepts that have taken the business world by storm. Every company is striving to include this technology in its communication system so as to attract more customers. The main idea behind the introduction of ringless voicemail is to deliver marketing messages to potential customers in a non-intrusive manner. Another advantage of ringless voicemail is the fact that, as a company, you can get a lot of returned calls just from a small sample of target audience. Also, doing all the necessary edits before sending the message to the recipients enhances your quality control system. However, there are some rules that you must follow as a marketer to avoid facing legal issues. For one, you must be honest in your marketing and also provide the recipient with an option to opt out of the campaign.