7 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Career as a Photographer


Beginning a career as a photographer can be a great way to transform a hobby into a profession. If you have a genuine talent for photography, then there are chances that you could build a name for yourself and make a very good living doing what you love. However, it’s more complicated than posting a few of your pictures on social media and crossing your fingers.

Taking pictures is the easy part, it’s everything surrounding the business that you’ll need to get a grasp on if you want to succeed. Here’s what you should know before you start a career as a photographer.


You Might Have to Improve Your Skills

You may be good at taking photos and have gotten some compliments from your friends and family. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re ready to make it a career.

Do you find yourself taking a lot of pictures that you can’t use and have to rely on photoshop? Well, if that’s the case, it usually means that you’re simply not good enough yet. Your photos should be exposed correctly, in focus, and look great in-camera without the use of photoshop.

If you’re constantly blown away by the work of other photographers and wonder how they’re able to do what they do, then this might be another sign that you’re not ready yet. That doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to be able to replicate your favorite photographer’s work, but it also shouldn’t seem out of your reach. If that’s the case, then you may need some extra formation.


You Will Need Some Time to Build Experience

Don’t expect to start working on big projects from the beginning. Chances are you’ll need to get practice first, even if you have the fundamentals. Different jobs might present different challenges, and you need to be able to get it right every time before you can call yourself a professional photographer. This is why you might want to start with small work and with friends and family so you can fine-tune your skills.

It also means that you may have to do some volunteer or pro-bono work to earn your chops. At least, if you make mistakes on these jobs, the client won’t be as angry and will understand that you’re still learning.


Forget Normal Working Hours

If you decide to work as a photographer, know that you may have to work more often than what you’d like. Events are often on the weekend, and gigs can last well into the night, so know that this could take some of the time you usually have off.

There are no sick days either, and if you don’t feel like working one day, you could get yourself and your clients in trouble. So, make sure that you’re ready for the commitment and that you’re the kind of person who follows through on their engagements.

You also have those gigs when you have to start at strange hours, like the middle of the night or before dawn. This could be very tough for some, so this is another thing you’ll have to prepare for. Even if you manage to get some editorial or advertising work, you still can’t expect to work a regular 9 to 5. Your work will depend on deadlines, and you sometimes won’t be able to leave until the material needed is finished. Then you have to deal with calls, emails, and everything else that comes with running a business, so don’t expect it to be a joyride.


You Might Have to Deal with Difficult People

People take their image very seriously, and some might be more perfectionist than others. Then you have those who don’t know what they want or have unrealistic expectations. This is all part of the job, and something you’ll have to be ready to face.

Photography is one of those strange positions where everyone seems to think they can do what you do better, so be ready to hear harsh criticism from people who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. This is why you’ll need to have a nice disposition, and it will be your responsibility to tell them why certain things might not be possible.

You also need to be able to see when someone may have a point, and be ready to take criticism. You need to have thick skin in this business, and try to view everything as a learning experience. The last thing you want to do is take it personally. Legitimate criticism will only make you a better photographer if you take the time to take it in and make the improvements needed.


You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot on a Website

Know that you don’t need to spend tons of money on a website to get started. There are services like Format that will allow you to build a great looking photography portfolio website in minutes. All you’ll need to do is pick the theme that you want, create an about and contact page, drag and drop your photos, pick a few details, and you’ll have a fully functional portfolio site up and running. Their service is also pretty affordable, so that should be more than enough for someone who’s just starting.


You’ll Spend a Lot of Time on the Business Aspect

You have to be prepared to spend as much time, if not more, on managing and promoting your business than on photography. Learning your craft is one thing, but learning how to sell it is another. We strongly suggest that you start educating yourself about the business aspect of photography before you get started.

As far as marketing goes, don’t expect that you’ll be able to get successful by putting your work on Instagram and start cold messaging people. You’ll have to use a wide variety of techniques to get your name known, and you also have to be ready to do the work needed to get recognized in your local market. There’s a lot more groundwork involved than it seems, and you’ll have to be able to sell yourself. So, if you’re introverted, you’ll need to learn how to get out of your shell, or you’ll have a lot of trouble getting known in that business.


You May Build a Whole Different Relationship with Photography

There’s a major difference between doing something as a job, and doing something for fun. You may love photography, but things become different after you’ve spent 12 hours editing work for a client.

You will be working on other people’s schedules and conditions and might have to stomp on your convictions and creative vision to satisfy them. We have to expect that most photographers get into the field out of love, but still, a lot of them get into slumps and burnout, so you’ll have to constantly pay attention to your mood, and don’t let a bad gig linger too long if you don’t want it to influence your outlook negatively.

  These are all things that should be at the top of your mind if you are thinking of starting your own photography business. Know, however, that making it is possible, as long as you have the talent necessary, and the hustle to sell it.  

Built On Innovation

AVTECH offers the leading proactive environment monitor worldwide – Room Alert. They have a diverse customer base, ranging from small businesses with just a few employees all the way through to every branch of the U.S. military. Recently, we profiled the business to discover how they established themselves as one of the best in environment monitoring solutions.

From their base in Rhode Island, Room Alert can be found protecting data centers, facilities, and critical assets in 186 of 196 countries. Room Alert is designed to help monitor the physical environment in any type of facility. Many other users have Room Alert protecting restaurants, warehouses, medical and pharmaceutical sites, residential and commercial real estate, and more.

Room Alert users can also take advantage of the patented Monitor360 technology, which allows them to create virtual sensors and alerts based on any combination of the sensors that they are currently using along with their Room Alert monitors. Only Monitor360 can tell the user why there’s a problem, helping them to respond even faster and drastically reducing any potential downtime or damages.

AVTECH was founded in 1988, and they originally focused on providing monitoring software for computers and supporting hardware networkwide. With the rapid rise of data center growth, they recognized that data center operators would need to monitor the key environmental factors that could lead to downtime – temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, air flow, and more.

Security has always been a primary focus for organizations when it comes to preventing downtime and data loss, and rightfully so. However, many organizations don’t realize that almost 30% of their outages are directly due to environment factors. Therefore, Room Alert is a crucial safeguard at every facility to help protect them against costly downtime.

Room Alert offers a wide range of sensors that allow users to make sure that they’re monitoring every possible area within their facility, and the factors they are most concerned about. They also offer two different software monitoring platforms, the Room Alert Account portal that was called “one of the best online platforms in the world” by a leading international telecom provider, as well as a local software client that users can download and install on their network. Users can combine or use these platforms separately to customize their alerts and reporting from Room Alert monitors.

Customers normally find AVTECH after they’ve experienced environment-related downtime. In many instances, they simply weren’t aware budget-friendly environment monitors existed, and after they’ve lost productivity and revenue, they research ways to prevent that from happening again. Once they find Room Alert, they are able to quickly purchase and install the monitors and sensors to set up early warnings to prevent further costly downtime.

They also have a wide range of authorized Room Alert Resellers across the globe, many of whom will introduce their customers to Room Alert while they are reviewing their business continuity plans.

As a hardware & software developer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, innovation is a core concept that has helped to build and drive the company. Employees from every department are encouraged to think of new ideas and processes that would improve customer experience, as well as employee experience.

Nearly all the firm’s employees are located in the primary corporate location in Warren, RI and everyone works together on a daily basis. Interdepartmental meetings are the norm, and company communications go out to everyone on a regular basis to keep all staff members updated on what other departments are currently working on. That familiarity gives everyone the comfort level to approach other team members, or company leadership, with ideas that can quickly grow into new features or products in a relatively short amount of time.

Technology has always been a male-driven field, so it’s an encouraging sign that 50% of AVTECH’s engineering team identify as female. These employees were hired due to their skills, background and merit, and it shows in the quality of their work and in the way that they are so highly valued by their co-workers.

AVTECH is very lucky to be located in a region that’s surrounded by excellent schools, colleges, and universities. They take part in multiple campus job fairs every year to meet new people that could end up becoming an AVTECH team member in the future. They run internships year-round that attract extremely qualified candidates who are approaching their graduation.

AVTECH have recently introduced their newest environment monitor, the Room Alert 32S. This new monitor is the most secure and advanced Room Alert to date. Users are growing more conscious of their data safety and security, so they developed and released a Room Alert that offers key security features. These features help many of their users follow data security best practices, while meeting security requirements in some specific industries.

They expect to have new Room Alerts in the marketplace later this year, that they anticipate to be extremely popular with users who have a focus on data and network security. Due to continued growth, they opened an international sales office in the Middle East in March 2020 to better serve the firm’s rapidly growing user base in that region. Lastly, AVTECH’s international distribution facility, which opened in Ireland in 2018, has led to even faster international sales growth than anticipated.

Contact: Russell Benoit
Web Address: www.AVTECH.com

Ensuring Excellent Engagement


Engaging with potential clients on social media is an increasingly important method of communication for many businesses in the world today. Salespeople trawl through their inboxes in search of compelling and relevant content to help kickstart a meaningful and valuable conversation. However, that could all change. Enter Grapevine6, an enterprise social and digital sales engagement platform. Following the company’s well-deserved recognition as the ‘Most Outstanding Content Engagement Platform in the USA’, we profiled Grapevine6 to find out more.

Imagine instead of sitting at your desk and spending hours trawling through an inbox in search of relevant content, the content you were searching for so longingly popped straight into your inbox for you. Imagine you could finally connect with buyers and clients with powerfully personalized content that builds trusting relationships and represents enormous opportunities. Imagine capitalizing on the pulling power of social media to outperform the competition, captivate customers, and deliver measurable ROI. It sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Grapevine6 is an innovative platform that has made it easier than ever before to allow salesforces all over the world to share meaningful content with prospects and clients around the globe.

Sharing information can be vitally useful in solving problems and building relationships. That is the belief of the team of curious entrepreneurs and engineers behind Grapevine6. So, they set about developing the technology to uncover and deliver the most reliable and relevant information from around the globe and make it easily shareable. The team brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of backgrounds, including software architecture, user experience technologies, client relationships, and project management. Under the sage guidance of co-founder and CEO Mike Orr and co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Wayne Gomes, the platform has won a number of awards and cultivated a reputation for being creative, flexible, and easy to partner with.

Working smarter and faster no longer has to be an unachievable dream for those working in sales. Grapevine6’s game-changing platform analyzes the interests and posts on the personal digital profile of an employee, and then picks the best content from across the web based on that profile. Salespeople can then choose which of the selected articles to share on their corporate profiles, making it effortlessly easy to connect with prospects and clients. This added level of connection can create a unique and authentic voice in any interaction, as well as build deeper and richer relationships. Your target audiences will remember you as the salesperson that connected with them in a way that competitors simply couldn’t match.

Grapevine6’s artificial intelligence engine searches through thousands of articles from thousands of sources across the Internet, all so you don’t have to. Searching around the clock and around the world, your salesforce has the most reliable and relevant content at the click of a mouse. With a wealth of content at your fingertips, it’s as easy as selecting which content to use, then posting it on social media to complement your own personal, professional, or corporate brand. Grapevine6 also boasts an easy-to-use mobile app, for salespeople who are on the go all the time, making it easy to post wherever and whenever.

However, the brilliance of the platform doesn’t end there. Salespeople can reap the rewards of Grapevine6’s hard work by building relationships with important clients, and the superiority of the service goes even further. With a deep analytics and comprehensive reporting system, you can view the engagements that the posting has generated, offering tangible and measurable impacts on a business. By having a better understanding of what content is performing the best, you can further tailor posts to ensure maximum engagement.

Those on the frontlines of digital selling have come to the realization that this method is no longer just an option; it is, in fact, a necessity for the businesses of today’s world. Whether it’s banking reps and mortgage advisers needing the tools to stand out against the competition, or insurance agents needing to build credibility as value experts, or technology wizards needing a competitive advantage that shows off a savvy understanding of the latest developments, Grapevine6 can help. This platform’s innovation is clear to see, and it provides salespeople with a tool that the industry has been crying out for.

Contact: Mike Orr
Website: www.grapevine6.com

Looking to the Future of Medical Marketing


Medical consumers are looking for a doctor they can trust, and they are turning to reviews in increasing numbers to make those critical decisions. SocialClimb’s three-tiered strategy helps medical practices and doctors get seen by consumers in Google’s Local Search results, target and attract ideal patients, and measure the ROI of their marketing spend. Their innovative approach moves beyond what other reputation management companies offer to attract a better patient mix and bring medical consumers and doctors together in mutually beneficial ways.

Medical marketing has undergone a transformation in today’s digital world. With an endless supply of information at their fingertips, medical consumers have changed the way they seek out medical care. Gone are the days when finding a doctor was as simple as getting a referral from a primary care physician. Bulk mailers, radio ads, and billboard advertising no longer have a significant marketing impact. Instead, prospective patients are turning to the internet to do their own research, and a large portion of patients look at reviews first when they are searching for a physician.

Today’s effective marketing efforts focus on reaching potential patients at their decision-making points. Physicians and practices need to show up in online searches with the credentials to be trusted by an internetsearching generation. They need to manage their online reputation.

SocialClimb understands medical consumer behavior and has built an innovative platform that will automate patient acquisition and grow medical practices. Their platform puts medical practices and physicians in a position to be seen—and chosen—by prospective patients as they search for medical care near them. With SocialClimb, clients are able to grow the value of their practice, expand providers and locations with confidence, and track the impact of their marketing spend.

Who Is SocialClimb?
The SocialClimb vision was born when founder and CEO, Ty Allen, experienced a life-threatening injury. He quickly learned how difficult it could be to make decisions as a medical consumer in the United States.

Faced with a spinal cord injury and year-long rehabilitation, Allen had to make 10–12 key provider or facility decisions that would significantly affect his recovery and quality of life. Many of these medical decisions had to be made in less than an hour, and yet they all required more information about medical providers than was available to him as a digital-savvy medical consumer.

Allen discovered a disconnect between what medical consumers need to know to make a good decision and how medical practices market themselves. SocialClimb provides a solution to benefit both the medical community and the consumers who need their services.

Seeing Beyond the Basics of Reputation Management With an increasing number of medical consumers choosing a doctor based on reviews, reputation management is essential to medical marketing. SocialClimb’s platform will integrate with a medical practice’s patient management system to auto-send customizable review and/or survey requests to every patient. Simply sending requests for feedback will give voice to the silent majority of happy patients and raise ratings by 1.3 stars on average.

As consumers search for a doctor, results often show up in a Google Local 3-Pack. Google’s search engine finds the three Google My Business (GMB) listings that, according to their criteria, best meet the search being conducted. They base their decision in part on a GMB page that has good information and a high number of reviews. If a physician or a medical practice does not have a GMB page, or if their listing is not optimized, they will not show up in a Google Local 3-Pack.

Most reputation management companies will help physicians and medical practices improve their reviews. Some will even tell medical practices how to claim and optimize their Google My Business (GMB) listings so they can put their great reviews to work for them. SocialClimb takes it a step further. They will claim and optimize GMB listings for their clients so that when those good reviews start coming in, they will be positioned to win at Google’s Local Search.

In addition, SocialClimb has full API integration with Google Insights as well as most patient management systems. This full integration maintains patient privacy while providing access to important data and analytics. It also means that SocialClimb clients can manage everything from a single location. They can view and respond to reviews, watch their rating rise, track how many calls have come in from a GMB listing, set up targeted ads, and access a variety of reports so they can see the results of their marketing efforts.

Large medical groups enjoy an additional benefit due to SocialClimb’s ability to use single sign-on technologies. These large medical groups can use their single sign-on to access their SocialClimb platform. Employees will be able to easily and securely manage their various assigned roles by logging in once.

Taking It to the Next Level
Once a physician or medical practice is dominating Google’s Local Search, they’ll be positioned to use SocialClimb’s automated patient acquisition tools to identify their ideal patients, deliver targeted reputation ads, and measure the ROI of every marketing dollar they spend. Machine learning and deep analytics pave the way for taking medical marketing to this next level.

Because SocialClimb integrates thoroughly with practice management systems, they can access information that will help them identify ideal patients based on several metrics. They also have access to aggregate information on 300 million people throughout the United States across over 200 data points. SocialClimb applies cutting-edge data analysis to all their gathered information to find opportunities for growth uniquely tailored for each medical practice or physician. Their intelligent systems provide ongoing evaluations to track consumer actions and make recommendations based on real-time data merged with demographic and medical case data, allowing SocialClimb to identify individuals trending toward specific future medical care.

SocialClimb’s GO feature will filter down the data to suggest customized Growth Opportunities for their clients. Growth Opportunities can be
enabled based on the needs of individual physicians and practices to send automated reputation ads targeted to individuals identified through machine learning and analytics. With a click of a button, clients can enable these opportunities so that searchers in the targeted areas will see the reputation ad sitting at the top of the Google Local 3-Pack right at their decision-making moments.

A call tracker will then follow these potential new patients as they interact with the ad and GMB page and throughout their care. SocialClimb’s tracking features and comprehensive reports mean medical practices can see the actual return on investment for the money they spend on growing their practice.

A View of the Numbers
Medical practices and physicians who use SocialClimb to manage their reputation and automate their patient acquisition are seeing great results.

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics, headquartered in Maryland, increased their number of reviews by over 2,700% within three months of partnering with SocialClimb. During the same time frame, their star rating improved from 3.67 to 4.79 stars, a 1.1 star increase. They also optimized their GMB listings. Thanks to their improved reviews and newly optimized GMB pages, they quickly began landing at the top of online Local Search results to organically attract new patients.

OrthoCarolina, a large orthopedic group with dozens of locations, began seeing dramatic results within a few months of starting to work with SocialClimb. Their average rating climbed from 3.3 to 4.7 stars, an increase of 1.4 stars. The number of reviews for each location rose from an average of 20 to over 100 reviews. With very little effort from their staff, they were able to regain control of their reputation and begin dominating Local Search results for every location.

Central Ohio Primary Care, a physicians group with over 75 practices that serves over 400,000 patients, has also seen great results with SocialClimb. They have received over 25,000 reviews across all platforms in only 9 months. The number of Google reviews they receive each month increased by 2,400%, going from around 40 reviews a month to over 1,000 a month. Their Google rating moved from 4.22 stars to 4.77 stars with 91% of their reviews having 4 or 5 stars.

Watertown Regional Medical Center, a LifePoint Health medical center located in Wisconsin, also experienced very positive results from working with SocialClimb. Their Google star rating improved from 2.35 stars to 4.63 stars with an overall rating of 4.55 stars across all platforms. They also saw a 1,850% increase in public reviews on a monthly basis. They now receive about 1,600 calls a month from their GMB listing, a significant increase from the 700 a month they were receiving previously. With their improved reputation and growth driven by their reputation management efforts, they have become the toprated hospital in the LifePoint hospital group.

Looking to the Future
SocialClimb is changing the game in medical marketing with the best physician reputation tools on the market, automated reputation ads, and real measurement that lets medical practices track their marketing spend. As a verified Google Partner, they are staying at the forefront of online marketing and incorporating new technology as it emerges.

Medical practices and physicians who partner with SocialClimb benefit from cutting-edge medical marketing that will automate their patient acquisition and grow their practice with confidence. Timely reports will show them the impact of their marketing dollars so they can make strategic decisions to drive the revenue growth they deserve as every growth decision is made in the context of real data points in real time with an informed view of their entire landscape. They will be well positioned to stay ahead of the competition, grow their business on their own terms, and fine-tune their marketing spend to achieve the results they want.

SocialClimb’s platform gives medical practices and physicians the ability to compete and win in today’s medical market. Medical consumers win as well as they gain access to useful data so they can make the best informed decision possible and find a doctor they can trust.

Contact: Ty Allen
Address: 901 Mopac Expressway South, Building 1, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78746
Telephone: (+1) 866-338-8270
Email: [email protected]

Marketing Magic!

Vertical3 Media

Digital media is not only incredibly important to successful business operations, but is a rapidly changing industry. Finding experts who are fully up to the high standards that people have come to expect can be a challenge. Enter, Vertical3 Media! This hard-working firm has earned the accolade of Leading Digital Marketing & Advertising Company, 2020 – Florida in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2020. We looked a little closer to find out more.

Marketing is an industry of change and keeping up with that change can make or break a business. The team at Vertical3 Media is committed to ensuring that their clients are not only up to date, but able to achieve everything with online advertising that they want to. Vertical3 Media has nearly a decade of expertise in the field of digital media planning and buying, during which they have managed elite brands and accounts, allowing them to reach their goals in the US, Spanish and Latin American markets.

Based out of Miami, but with offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Bogota (Colombia), this award-winning digital marketing and advertising agency is proud to be able to offer a wide and comprehensive range of services that should satisfy the needs of any company. Combining a wide reach with a boutique attitude has been risky, but also allows for a breadth of operation that many smaller operations envy. Attention to detail is paramount for Vertical3 Media and its clients appreciate the way in which the team is able to account for the smallest detail if necessary. It is this pinpoint focus that has not just brought renowned brands to the business, but has kept them there for years.

The work that Vertical3 Media offers its clients is broad in the extreme, but ties together an agency committed to earning knowledge, acting professionally and building on skills. The result is a detail-oriented, boutique agency with the capacity and ability to cater to big projects such as the digital campaign for the Univision World Cup in 2014 or handling the marketing needs of A&E, Bounty, HBO and Zumba Fitness among others. Designing, structuring and implementing these exceptional solutions takes a great deal of time, as well as creativity and experience. Every aspect of the plan is combined into a simpler, effective way forward. Services are tailored to suit the specific needs of the client.

Vertical3 Media works across several platforms to get the results that clients want, buying advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn among others to increase awareness, generate leads, sales and obtain the results that their clients are looking for. This is only one of the services that Vertical3 Media provides, with the main digital services on offer to clients being Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting, Native Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Amazon, Waze and Tik-Tok. Of course, traditional media still has an important role to play in terms of advertising and the team handles multiple clients’ needs in terms of radio, print or out-of-house promotion.

The clients that Vertical3 Media works for are varied in the extreme. Industries such as entertainment, travel and hospitality, luxury and insurance companies all turn to this team for support. For those agencies
in advertising, PR or creative work that are not yet fortunate enough to have their own digital marketing team, the team from Vertical3 Media are happy to step aboard and act in this role. This allows the business to widen the scope of what is on offer. As specialists, few understand better than the Vertical3 Media team that no one can be the best at everything. In this sort of situation, working together is a far more appealing prospect, with the united forces coming together to form the best possible solution for its clients. The reverse of this is working with local and international brands that want to advertise their services abroad.

The future for Vertical3 Media is incredibly positive with their optimistic approach allowing the team to continue striving to be better than they currently are, as well as offering more innovative solutions that achieve even greater goals for their clients. As always, the aim is growth in terms of clients and in terms of geographic spread. Despite the offices already established in Miami, Bogota and Barcelona, the company feels there is still the potential to look to pastures new.

Like all things, the future of the business is also very much affected by the needs of the market and the way in which marketing develops. Currently, there are still firms that do not see any need to invest in digital advertising, not seeing the extraordinary potential that it contains. In many ways, this fear reflects the way in which there is a lot of new technology and terminology behind it, and that rapid changes mean that it takes a great deal of effort to properly consider what the options are. Vertical3 Media makes a point of educating its clients in what they are doing and why they’re doing it. Doing this effectively really showcases the many advantages that digital marketing can bring to the table and encourages any business operator to take the leap of faith into the digital realm. The main advantage that digital brings to the table is pure numbers, and it is much easier to make business decisions based on numbers than on supposition.

Marketing is an incredibly important weapon for businesses to wield, and the digital sphere presents a range of new opportunities that can be taken advantage of. Businesses like Vertical3 Media are ideally placed to make the most of this potential with an intimate knowledge of the industry and an ability to communicate a clear and resonant message. Often, business turns on not simply having a quick mind, but a smart one too. The results a digital approach brings are cleverer thinking that rewards those who give it a go. It’s what has led Vertical3 Media to its amazing success so far.

Contact: Juan Nunez
Website: www.vertical3media.com

It’s Easy to go Compostable

TIPA Compostable Packaging

As customers start to demand a more ecologically minded approach to purchasing, the provision of climate-friendly products has become increasingly important. TIPA Compostable Packaging was born out of the need to reduce plastic pollution and its success has seen it awarded Corporate Vision’s accolade for Most Influential Leader in Clean Technology – 2020. In the light of this victory, we profiled the company to discover more.

TIPA believes that in order for its packaging to be environmentally friendly, it should behave like an orange peel, which decomposes after wrapping a product, leaving no toxic residue. What remains of its packaging can be used as compost.

When TIPA was co-founded by Daphna Nissenbaum, it was on the ‘orange peel’ principle. The company aims to tackle a vital segment of the plastic waste challenge: flexible plastic packaging. Though rigid plastics are partly recyclable, flexible packaging isn’t, and it is taking up a growing portion of the world’s packaging market, due to being lighter, more convenient, and smaller in volume. Until now, environmental activism and waste initiatives have largely focused on recycling to solve the problem of materials like plastic, without accounting for whether or not the item is actually recycled. Conventional flexible plastic packaging cannot easily be recycled because its material is complex, contaminated by food, and too lightweight to be recycled on a practical scale. TIPA set out to replace a virtually un-recyclable offender with something that has the end-of-life of organic waste.

The company’s vision was to have it all. TIPA’s experts created flexible packaging that offers consumers and brands all of flexible’s positive elements, such as the durability, transparency and shelf life that they have come to expect from conventional plastics, with the same end-of-life as organic matter. Having come from a business background, Nissenbaum knew that compostable packaging could only hope to gain traction against its conventional counterparts if it met the same performance specifications as conventional flexibles, and fit seamlessly into today’s plastic methodology, logistics, and manufacturing practices. TIPA’s IP covers a range of one-ply films and multi-ply laminates with a range of packaging applications, including open bags, zipper bags, resealable bags, bar wrappers, and stand-up pouches, as well as reels of film for converting, flowpacks, and lidding for a variety of products and packaging types. All of which are manufactured and processed using existing chains of supply, allowing the company to scale up quickly, and globally.

TIPA’s products fit the bill in many respects. The films, laminations, and product applications are manufactured using the same machinery used to produce conventional plastics and because the product is formed from fully compostable plant-based and fossil-based polymers, TIPA’s packaging disintegrates within a few months in either home or industrial compost. This is a significant improvement on the hundreds of years that it can take for some plastics to completely degrade.

Food waste is a growing concern for food producers, governments, and consumers all over the world, and flexible plastic packaging has been one of the market’s solutions to shelf-life for everything from fresh produce to ground coffee. While this has been successful in lowering food waste during storage, transport, and distribution, plastic waste has reached unprecedented volumes and brands are seeking substitutes for plastic that protect their products without adding to pollution. TIPA’s packaging can already be found in major supermarkets in the US, UK, Australia, and Mexico, with no discernible difference to consumers but a considerable benefit to the environment. With products 20-30% bio-based as a minimum requirement, the positive impact is clear. Their packaging is used to bag bananas, flow-wrap granola bars, pack dried fruit and nuts, coffee, animal supplements, chicken, meat, bread, spices, and more in a growing number of retailers all over the world.

Other industries have made the step to finding more environmentally friendly solutions to their current contributions to the climate crisis, as well. As the textile industry produces an astounding 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year – more than the international aviation and shipping industries combined – their need to find green solutions is paramount. TIPA is equipped to assist with is the staggering amount of waste plastic that the fashion industry creates. Some brands have already made deliberate steps to reduce their environmental footprint, finding sustainable alternatives when single-use packaging is necessary. Inditex has already pledged to eliminate single-use plastic packaging by next year, while top fashion designers such as Gabriela Hearst, Mara Hoffman, and Stella McCartney have already made the switch to compostable bags by TIPA.

TIPA has found itself on the brink of a new era, as the balance tips towards environmentally responsible innovation. Consumer’s attitudes are forcing government action, as well as market transformation. In a relatively new industry, market research firm IMARC Group sees a growth from $168 billion in 2018 to around $240 billion by 2024. At the forefront of this wave, TIPA has the incredible opportunity to take advantage and define the direction in which the industry goes.

With such a clear commitment to the environment, it can be of no surprise that sustainability is a priority in every aspect of TIPA’s operations. These commitments and goals are embedded into the mission, strategy and code of business conduct. All elements along the value chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to the components of the film, from manufacturing processes and delivery to end users have the principles of environmental responsibility taken into consideration. Assurance of the company’s compliance with environmental aims can be found in its adhering to EU 13432 and ASTM D6400 standards, with products, compounds and films also certified for both home and industrial composting through the OK Compost mark by the TUV institute.

The work of TIPA is perfectly placed to revolutionise the way in which the world sees packaging. This viable alternative doesn’t disrupt consumer or manufacturer practices, but is effectively disrupting an industry that has long needed the change.

Company: TIPA Compostable Packaging
Contact: Rebecca Najjar Rudick

Sales and Marketing Departments Fall Behind In Digital Transformation Projects


Sales and Marketing Departments Fall Behind In Digital Transformation Projects

Research reveals that two thirds of sales departments are less than a year into transformation initiatives as lack of investment holds back progress.

Over two thirds (69%) of sales managers are less than a year into digital transformation projects, or worse, have no plans to transform at all, according to new research from Showpad. Almost half (48%) of senior sales managers admit that financial issues are a barrier to evolving their businesses, with teams struggling to secure investment within the organisation to drive innovation in sales, and technological and people issues follow close behind.

“Most organisations have embarked on operational and commercial digital transformation projects, but it seems that many are struggling to apply this to their sales team and buyer experience,” said Jim Preston, VP EMEA Sales, Showpad. “However, buyer experience is now the differentiating factor in the buying process, above and beyond product specifications or even price. Quite simply, sales and marketing professionals must transform if they want to provide the best, most insightful and personalised experience for their customers.”

According to the study, sales enablement is a key priority for most senior sales managers, with 53% ranking it as important, higher than any other type of innovation. Staff also ranked cloud technologies (46%) and marketing automation (45%) highly. However, with Salesforce recently noting that cultural and business model change are equally important to digital transformation projects, teams must be prepared to do more than write cheques for tech if they are to transform effectively.

Sales managers did admit that they face a number of organisational barriers, with 45% of respondents saying that their organisation was fundamentally unpractised at change. An equal percentage also said that a lack of buy-in, education and understanding held back sales transformation projects. However, with organisations such as Honeywell seeing an 83% increase in stock price after digitally transforming, there is little doubt that successful initiatives can be revolutionary for company revenue.

“Many sales leaders are trailblazers; one in ten [10%] are more than three years into a project that will digitally transform their sales departments, with one in five [21%] between one and three years in,” continued Preston. “These initiatives are vital: it doesn’t matter if you’re selling the most innovative product in the world if you can’t communicate the benefits to customers. Organisations like Sprout Social and Promega have seen sales enablement change all of this, turbocharging the sales process, making it an absolutely essential priority for organisations in 2020.”

Stylish Living


As eCommerce has taken the world by storm, the challenge has been to find sellers that go above and beyond to provide excellent service. Australian-based LivingStyles is one of these exceptional online traders, bringing together a team that handles furniture and homewares online. As worthy winners of Corporate Vision’s eCommerce and Online Retail Award for Best Online Home Furnishings Retailer – Australia 2019, we take a closer look at the company to find out more.

Brought together by a love of furnishings, the team at LivingStyles excels in finding the highestquality furniture and homewares at a competitive price. Drawing on a large customer base, spread across the whole of Australia, the business is able to buy in bulk directly from the brand, passing on the savings to LivingStyles members.

Like all good retailers, LivingStyles has thrived thanks to an intimate knowledge of its products and immense respect for customers. While the business finds the latest and best design trends and products, customers can enjoy the benefits of free membership, discounted prices, reliable delivery and excellent customer service for those post-sales needs.

Supplying large items like furniture online could be considered odd, but LivingStyles has taken the approach of making it an innovation. While customers are unable to physically touch or see their products, the team provides as much information as possible about the item, with returns policies allowing customers to change their minds if necessary. With the ability to provide more design choices at a price that beats bricks-and-mortar stores, it can be of no surprise that this approach has taken off.

Taking advantage of the opportunities that being online presents, LivingStyles has used social media platforms to grow its audience. With Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, it has proven possible not only to share design ideas with customers, but to expand the website’s reach into new audiences while creating a community of people interested in interior design. In the competitive world of online retail, the need to stay at the forefront of the technological battlefield is crucial. The logistics team always strives to improve order processing systems by developing unique programs to process transactions rapidly and ensure a quick turnaround.

The streamlined option system, for example, allows customers to select the delivery method they prefer, allowing them the satisfaction of receiving their goods safely without paying more. Couriers or removalists are chosen based on their appropriateness and economy, with these savings once again passed onto the customer. With such an individual approach, it cannot be surprising that an individual team drives LivingStyles forward. Uniquely motivated to provide a service of the highest calibre, the organisation is comprised of technical and industry expertise in furniture manufacturing, retail sales, graphics, editing, logistics and customer service. Because it is still only a small company, the importance of every team member operating on the same page is paramount.

At the heart of LivingStyles is a commitment to sharing goals and celebrating milestones, generally making sure that fun is had whenever possible. In the future, LivingStyles intends to make the most of the latest in technology with a program called O2O – Online to Office. This plan involves the opening of a furniture showroom with new technology displays alongside present customer features.

These plans will complement the work of the website, while providing the option of face-toface interaction between the sales team and the customer. It is hoped that this approach will give customers more confidence in the excellent work of LivingStyles.

A business proposition like LivingStyles could not have worked twenty years ago. Now it is a matter of convenience for the customer. Not only able to provide an impressive range of products but handling the delivery of awkward items to their new homes, LivingStyles has revolutionised the furnishings industry in Australia.

Company: Livingstyles.com.au
Contact: Customer Service Team
Email: [email protected]
Web Address: www.livingstyles.com.au

Implementing Innovative Functionalities into Future Products

APiS North America

Michigan based firm, APiS North America has been providing outstanding customer service and support to IQ-Software users in North America since 2016. Recently, the firm was recognized as one of the leading innovators providing functional safety software in the USA for 2020. Following this well-deserved recognition, we took a closer look at this unique business, discovering how the team at APiS North America goes the extra mile for each and every one of their clients.

As their name implies, APiS North America is the North American distributor for its parent company, APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH – the developer of the IQ-Software for performing robust risk assessments and optimization plans for products and processes. Just one of the methods included within the IQ-Software, the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a commonly utilized approach. The IQ-Software provides the single, model-based data set for companies’ quality and safety programs to maintain an organized best practice program.

APiS North America serves a vast number of North and South American users of the IQSoftware industry. They provide training for the software with deep knowledge of engineering best practices, so they have the ability to help their customers effectively and efficiently utilize the tool for its robust functionality. Alongside this, the training and support provided by the firm ensures a deep understanding, not only of the IQ-Software, but also of the industry standards and systems engineering approach needed for today’s complex systems.

A shared customer need becoming increasingly common and noticeable throughout all the industries APiS North America works with, is the ability to perform in-depth analyses thoroughly and efficiently. The team at APIS North America is well aware of this trend and work closely with companies to help build the best quality and safety analyses. To deliver on this important, and necessary, need for their clients and the industries they serve by applying lessons learned from years of engineering practice and Design for 6-Sigma (DFSS) analysis. In other words, they understand industries’ best practices in the activities required to create an excellent FMEA and how to present the analysis and reports to for management and customer reviews.

APiS North America proudly serves a broad span of industries, with an accumulated client base across systems engineering, automotive, aerospace, AI, 3-D printing, alternative-energy, medical device and healthcare sectors. Historically, these are the most prominent industries to report difficulty in capturing and representing data and lessonslearned in a synchronized and comprehensive manner.

The firm proudly offers a level of excellent service that can only be delivered with the support of a strong internal network. Enabling this calibre of service, is the experienced, passionate, hard-working, and innovative team which forms the backbone of APiS North America. The team serves a large territory, utilizing one another’s strengths to achieve the highest level of customer service that they do each year.

As a result of the personalized service the team delivers and the extensive industry insight the firm provides, APiS North America has overwhelmingly received high applause, year after year, from their client base. The team has been met with a notable amount of rave reviews, specifically highlighting how they go the extra mile to ensure that they not only meet clients’ expectations, but exceed them at every turn. The secret behind their remarkable success? The team at APiS North America believes their focus on customer service, industry best practices, quality and safety of products and processes. And they do this while focused on providing the best FMEA tool, the IQ-Software, training and consulting.

The team at APiS North America will continue to grow with their customers’ needs and challenges in the years to come. Not only will the firm continue expanding the business, the team’s focus will be on the education and growth of the IQ-Software for quality and safety systems across all industries. APiS North America is committed to achieving the highest standards for their customers!

Contact: Lynn Johnson, PharmD
Address: 938 N. Washington Avenue, Royal Oak, 48067, Michigan, USA Telephone: 800-470-8970
Website: www.apis-iq.com
Email: [email protected]

Creating the Bond Between Brand to Human®

IDealogic® Brand Lab

Remarkable branding is much more complex and involved than simply a brand’s logo or visual communications. Worthy winner of Corporate Vision Magazine’s award for Best Branding, Marketing, & Advertising Agency 2020 – Texas, IDealogic® Brand Lab has found that great branding backed by science leads to influential positioning for any organization. The unique, Houston-based creative agency has created a proprietary, results-based brand science built around human behaviour. Here we take an exclusive peek into the secrets of the firm’s success and client wins.

As a full service, visual communications company, IDealogic® Brand Lab’s core focus is in complete brand creation and market implementation, including Brand Analysis, Brand Strategy, Company and Brand Culture engineering, Brand Experience, Brand and Marketing Communications. The agency specializes in the ART & SCIENCE of company branding. Though a boutique firm, the honed skills of the agency’s people make the company a powerhouse for creativity and strategic design.

As leading experts in the Art & Science of branding, IDealogic® is seamlessly positioned to work with any organization in order to produce results that not only draw in more sales, but also improve how their clients’ businesses function to ensure staff members are aligned and unified. As a result, companies thrive, drawing on the meaningful connections that make the biggest possible impact.

The brand’s approach to influential branding is vastly different from today’s industry standards; the industry-agnostic agency pushes the envelope where no other brand has been before. The firm’s staff accomplishes this feat by studying the psychology behind human behaviour and human nature and applying their findings to their branding.

The company’s Brand Science℠ has given IDealogic® the ability to truly understand human behaviour and brand development on a genetic level, becoming the catalyst that creates the bonds between Brand to Human®. This approach has helped the clients not only view their target audiences in
a new light, but to garner clear, measurable results in revenue, reputation, and brand loyalty.

“When you are inclined to build a meaningful relationship with someone, do you base it off monetary value, or is it because of common interests and principles? Why would the Brand to Human® relationship be any different?” – Ron Netanel, Founder of IDealogic®.

To be effective in branding, companies should aim to appeal to the needs and desires of the target audience in order to foster a relationship that can
be expanded upon through the sales of goods and services. IDealogic® firmly believes that every company, in every industry, should engineer its brand around the people who matter, so that the brand revolves around what it means to be human.

The Brand to Human® scientific approach is the foundation for IDealogic’s core beliefs. The firm stands on the principle that brands should no longer be intangible identities; instead, they should have personality and exist as human-like entities. This approach is a three-phrase process that carries great meaning and purpose, pushing businesses to work toward building relationships with consumers in order to garner the sale. With this innovative science, IDealogic® creates phenomenal, Fortune 500-caliber brand identities for small and mid-market companies looking to grow market share.

Typically working alongside mid-market B2B and B2C organizations with annual earnings that range between $50M to over $1B, IDealogic® has proven its capabilities to adapt and adopt in a vast array of industry segments. By focusing on building profitable relationships between companies and the people who purchase from them, IDealogic® has a track record that has garnered significant results for client partners.

IDealogic’s main goal is to capture market share for each and every client. The firm’s proprietary, scientific approach to branding, marketing, and advertising has positioned the brand with a unique advantage to develop strategies that free clients from stuck spots, help them see through blind spots, and turn business pain points into gain points. In most businesses, leadership have aspiring ideas to grow the company; however, a lot of these ideas are disjointed and do not work together for a consistent brand experience. IDealogic® focuses on the company’s pain points by analysing everything in the brand’s ecosystem. By doing so, IDealogic® can fill in the gaps with strategic brand solutions.

Per IDealogic®, the key to brand success is understanding humans and creating strategies that appeal to our desires, needs, and journey. The firm does this based on an understanding of human behavior, cultures, lifestyles, and aesthetic appeal. This process revolves around in-depth strategies that facilitate the customer experience and foster brand loyalty. Defining and creating the brand’s architecture, strategy, concept, and visual appeal are only some of the points in the Brand to Human® process that guarantee a company’s significant growth.

IDealogic® applies the Brand to Human® method to every client, strategically transforming the business model into a Brand Model® built around purpose, values, and meaning. In this way, everyone interacting with the organization—customers, staff, leadership, vendors, partners, etc., —benefits. Clients are reaping great rewards and long-term benefits by being able to understand their customers’ values and beliefs. These powerful results include increased market share, brand awareness,
and perceived value; the elimination of growth plateaus, the delivery of memorable customer experiences, and more. IDealogic® removes the guesswork for clients to see scalable growth and seamless engagement through market and competitor analysis, buyer persona and customer segment development, customer experience analysis and complete brand development strategy. This system is a major component of the agency’s Brand ScienceSM.

As a valuable asset across the branding, marketing and advertising spectrum, it is clear that the company’s scientific Brand to Human® approach is a method that is instantly transferable to a number of disciplines. Built on the science behind human relationships, IDealogic® is able to draw a deeper connection that allows the agency and its clients to reach significance. With no greater proof than the branding agency’s own success, we cannot wait to see what IDealogic® Brand Lab does next.

Company: IDealogic® Brand Lab
Contact: Ruth Netanel
Web Address: www.idealogicbrandlab.com

Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions


Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions

Ospyn is a leading software vendor offering digital transformation to enterprises of various sectors through its Ospyn Docs platform. We profiled the firm and caught up with Prasadu and Kishore who revealed more about Ospyn and how they became the digital transformation solution of the year in India for 2019.

Established in 2009 by Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar, Ospyn was created with a vision to become a digital transformation partner for enterprises by offering BPM, ECM and document management solutions for business process automation. Over a span of 10 years, Ospyn has evolved into a major player across 12 industries with 80 plus customers in India, Middle East and Africa.

For enterprises that are tethered with disconnected operations, paper-based processes and fragmented workflows, Ospyn acts as the digital transformation partner, bringing agility and automation across each of their operations, as Kishore explains.

“At Ospyn, our enterprise content management platform Ospyn Docs and BPM solutions are live across 12 verticals, enabling enterprises to manage their content, business processes, workflows and internal operations in one platform, thereby offering real time visibility, instant collaboration and quicker end results. With a decades’ presence in the industry, we take pride in streamlining operations and enabling enhanced customer experience for 80+ enterprise clients.”

Currently, Ospyn’s file flow solution is live across 60+ government departments, enabling them to go digital by automating their file processing and approvals. This particular solution helps to manage file-flow, inward processing, collaboration, archival, search, document management and also dispatch. In addition to this, the solution also eases the traditional processes with automated workflows and digital repository.

When discussing the various solutions the firm offers, Prasadu informed us about the clients Ospyn delivers, both their exceptional services and personalized services.

“We offer B2B solutions where our clients vary from government departments to high-tech digital enterprises. The approach to each client differs based on their requirements, people and business processes.

“For instance, we help our government sector clients to overcome their irrational barriers; both in terms of change resistance and technological ignorance by offering handholding and multiple training sessions to support their people transformation and process digitalization. Whereas for process oriented institutions and enterprises, we identify the bottlenecks in their business operations that are error prone and implement intelligent process management solution to streamline those industry specific operations.”

Enabling the firm to deliver this level of service, is the experienced and committed team which forms the foundation of Ospyn. Having established a strong internal culture, Kishore is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.

“It is no secret that our employees play a major role in bringing innovation to our core platform. Most of our senior tech giants are with us from the inception of the firm, and still continue to enrich our platform with advanced technologies and evolution as we expand the business.”

Since their inception a decade ago, Ospyn has established a strong client base in India and has recently entered the markets of Middle East and Africa. The firm’s content management platform has attracted most of their major customers and has earned them various business partners, system integrators, data centre service providers across the globe.

From the very beginning, the uniqueness and flexibility to fulfil the outgrowing requirements of clients has been a key point in defining the credibility of Ospyn’s products. Bringing the interview to a close, Prasadu signs off by revealing how Ospyn’s solutions have already established themselves a place in the market, as well as the plans the firm have in place to help them expand in the years to come.

“By replacing the prominent solutions offered by top players in the market, our platform has earned an identity of its own. With artificial intelligence and robotic processes, our platform is currently being enriched with advanced functionalities for an enhanced user experience. Going forward, we are in the pursuit of entering into European and American markets.”

3D Print Perfection


3D Print Perfection

3D printing is still a relatively new field, opening the doors of possibility when it comes to the production of prototype parts or small runs for a niche market. Based out of London, 3DPRINTUK is at the forefront of SLS 3D printing, providing a service unparalleled in the United Kingdom. After eight years of business, we profiled this company to find out more.

Established in 2011 by founder Nick Allen, 3DPRINTUK has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. Able to handle every part of the process from CAD to finishing, the talented team has explored the potential of SLS 3D printing technology. Since opening their doors, 3DPRINTUK has produced items as varied as a CAT Scan for artist Dave Farman, a glider for James May and the trophies for the Men’s and Women’s Hockey World League Finals 2015. Some would argue that the potential for 3D printing is virtually endless, but to even begin to start looking into its possibilities, you need someone who knows what they’re doing.

The appeal of 3D printing comes from its ability to produce precisely calibrated parts without the need for expensive tooling or big runs. Instead of the use of moulds or subtracting material to produce a final product, 3D printing works by taking a digital version of an object, slicing it into thin horizontal sections and laying material down layer by layer. It is only recently that the machines used to generate these creations have reached a price that allows for commercial, or even home use.

3DPRINTUK uses top end machines that provide a fine finish on their products. Using a print bed of white Nylon powder, a laser melts certain parts of the print bed, ‘colouring in’ the areas to be printed. The bed drops by 0.1mm and is recoated with the powder for another print layer. This is what sets 3DPRINTUK above the rest, providing a smoother finish as the laser blends layers together, reducing the lines that are found on cheaper machines. The result is a strong, durable product, ready for a waiting client.

As so many types of 3D printing abound, from SLA to DLP to FDM, it’s easy to try and offer them all, allowing a variety of services to be undertaken. What has made 3DPRINTUK such a success is the specialisation in one sector of the industry. In focusing on the mastery of SLS technology, the team now know its strengths and weaknesses intimately, allowing them to push boundaries that other companies wouldn’t consider.

3DPRINTUK work with any client who has a requirement for small parts, ranging from students to artists to engineering companies. A minimum order of £40 means that the market leading technology that 3DPRINTUK provide is available and accessible to everyone.

Although the majority of clients are engineering companies who can’t afford their own in-house SLS machine, you can find oneoff clients for specific purposes such as Dave Farman, who’s request for a set of accurate rib cage and lungs was turned down by other companies but accepted and printed quickly at 3DPRINTUK. For some, producing items through 3DPRINTUK has meant a 70% saving, especially when the cost of injection moulding can be incredibly expensive.

The flexibility and potential of by 3D printing has made it incredibly popular amongst students looking to experiment with 3D design. These clients are often pushing for a quick turnaround, done as cheaply as possible. 3DPRINTUK offers a generous 20% off discount to students, as well as free advice on designs to help print as efficiently as possible.

Many companies take advantage of 3DPRINTUK’s ability to produce small production runs of bespoke products. With no setup fees or mould costs, 3D printing is able to act as a viable alternative to injection
moulding with the ability to order as many or as few items as required. Altering designs, such as personalisation for individual clients, costs as much as producing identical products giving 3D printing a significant advantage. The lack of tooling means that lead time is incredibly fast, with the current record being 6,500 parts produced in 24 hours, each identical to the prototype model.

Clips, mounts and fastenings are the parts best suited to batch production runs. The nylon used in SLS printing is strong, making it perfect for small fastenings and fixtures. Being small parts, it is possible to place these in and around other parts in builds that are made allowing for swift production. Tooling these parts would be difficult to justify on a low production run, making 3D printing the ideal, and most appropriate, solution.

While 3DPRINTUK is now well established within the industry, the company relied heavily on its website and tradeshows in the early days when it was getting started. Convincing clients that their particular brand of manufacture wasn’t just a gimmick, but a powerful tool in the design arsenal was a major challenge. Attending these shows allowed potential clients to see products in the flesh and assess the quality of the parts for themselves. A slowly transforming market that has become more informed about the nature of 3D printing has encouraged many companies to explore how to use this technology for themselves.

Of course, in selling the possibilities of 3D printing, it is possible that the media has overhyped its abilities. While theoretically able to create anything using this technology, with projects using complete mechanisms that have been 3D printed garnering media attention, the team at 3DPRINTUK advocate the use of appropriate materials for the job. Such mechanisms can use gears and steel rods for a fraction of the cost of 3D printing. This practical and economically minded approach is intrinsic to the attitude of the company, with Director Nick Allen founding the company in order to provide a friendly and trustworthy face to the industry. This has meant using his, and his team’s, experience in product design to ensure an expert eye remains on projects, suggesting alternatives if requested and appropriate.

2020 looks to follow much the same pattern as 2019, with incredible growth expected for 3DPRINTUK. The current plan is to increase capacity for printing with more machines and the introduction of more automation into the workflow. The company is also looking to introduce new materials beyond the nylon that has been the heart of the business since its inception. These new materials will complement, not replace, what is already available. As the company continues to grow, with 3D printing becoming more popular by the day, the challenge is to stand out amongst a sea of other companies and the rapidly lowering price of home 3D printing.

As a provider of SLS 3D printed parts for eight years, and printing nearly two million parts in that time, it would be fair to call 3DPRINTUK one of the most experienced companies using this technology in the country. With outstanding quality as a minimum, the level of service that 3DPRINTUK give their clients is exceptional. In the rare event of a problem with a part, this company will go out of its way to find the solution that works for their clients. This is what has allowed them to build up such an impressive reputation as a first-class provider of 3D printing in the UK, trusted by their clients to excel every time.